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Maria Medina

Bronx, New York - United States








Maria Medina

Bronx, New York - United States

Maria Medina - Fine Artist

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About Maria Medina

I come from a background of humble and wonderful parents who migrated from Puerto Rico in the late 1940ís heading to New York, just as their grandparents ventured from Spain to Puerto Rico. Iíd like to believe that somewhere in my family roots, someone enjoyed sketching or painting; but I guess I will never know.

I have been sketching since my elementary years and in my teen years, it was always my goal to someday paint a landscape; but when I attempted that goal, I felt it was inadequate and was discouraged; sending me back to my comfort zoneÖpencil sketching.

It wasnít until May of 2012, when my oldest daughter presented me with an art class as a gift, which was when the inspiration once again arose within me to follow my goal of painting. Since then, Iíve also taken free art classes on-line which have been rather instrumental.

Considering that I have not taken up a brush in many years, I find that what Iíve done is an accomplishment (if only to myself) and have found a fan base in my daughters, family and friends. It is truly an overwhelming satisfaction.

Your comments, suggestions and kind criticism are welcomed and appreciated.

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Window Garden by Maria Medina


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Flight of the Pegasus by Maria Medina


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Ballerina by Maria Medina


Popeye The Sailor Man by Maria Medina

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