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Maria Milazzo

Matawan, NJ - United States








Maria Milazzo

Matawan, NJ - United States

Maria Milazzo - Fine Artist

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About Maria Milazzo

Maria Milazzo has been sharing her love and passion for art in the Matawan area for over 25 years. Her quintessential art studio, known as Young at Art, is nestled in the center of town. Maria started her business on the front lawn of her new home in the summer of 1990. What started out as neighborhood children gathering around her as she painted in the open air turned into a journey that would define her. Daily children began to flock to her inquiring how they could learn to do the same. Shortly thereafter, Young at Art was born and in a few short years, the high demand for her art classes outgrew the her home and she located her business in downtown Matawan.

With her business blooming, Maria pursued her degree in Art and Education at Kean University while continuing to teach at Young at Art. In 2007 she graduated from Kean and became an Elementary School Art Teacher at Marlboro Elementary School in Marlboro, NJ where she continues to work today. With an official career as an art teacher, Maria still could not give up her neighborhood studio. Her next step was renovating a century year old Victorian which had the option of serving both as a residential and a professional space. Today, Maria instructs the school District created curriculum of art to students in first through fifth grades throughout the school year and continues to run Young at Art year-round. Teaching several classes throughout the week broken up by age, at Young at Art students work with everything including collage, pastels, water colors, acrylics, and oils. Twentyfive years after she started coloring on her front lawn, Young at Art continues to teach artists of all ages the techniques of art and the passion that fuels the creativity behind it.
As a life-long learner, Maria is always restless for new projects. Recently, Maria started her own Paint it Forward :Interactive Artist Adventure Project in which she collects random land and cityscapes from around the world using GoogleMaps Street View and paints them. She selects her subjects alphabetically and mails the final masterpiece off to the address that she painted. In turn, the recipients are asked to post a picture of themselves on her Facebook with her painting in front of the scene depicted page in gratitude. In doing so, Maria is promoting global unity through art and technology.

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Julie 1A by Maria Milazzo


Liz 1B by Maria Milazzo


Sarah Marino 1C by Maria Milazzo


Andrea B 1D by Maria Milazzo


Diana 1E by Maria Milazzo


Cynthia Portera 1F by Maria Milazzo


John B 2A by Maria Milazzo


Helen and Mike 2C by Maria Milazzo


Sean 2D by Maria Milazzo


Michael and Carol Milazzo 2E by Maria Milazzo


Carol W. 2F by Maria Milazzo


Arlene 3A by Maria Milazzo


Lorraine and Joe 3B by Maria Milazzo


Camilla 3C by Maria Milazzo


Gayle 3D by Maria Milazzo


Ashley 3E by Maria Milazzo


Jessica 3F by Maria Milazzo


Ella 4A by Maria Milazzo


Joana 4B by Maria Milazzo


Marcia 4C by Maria Milazzo


Stephanie Surget 4C by Maria Milazzo


Grace 4D by Maria Milazzo


Judy 4E by Maria Milazzo


Loretta 4F by Maria Milazzo


Grandpa Sal 5A by Maria Milazzo


Karen Murphy 5B by Maria Milazzo


Daniel 5C by Maria Milazzo


Bowen Family 5D by Maria Milazzo


Toni 5F by Maria Milazzo


Yanagawa Punting River Boat by Maria Milazzo


St. Finbarr Oratory at Gougane Barra Lake Cork Ireland by Maria Milazzo


The Ark in Hong Kong by Maria Milazzo


Marktstolz auf derGalenstraBe Gallows Street by Maria Milazzo


14 Rue de la Commune by Maria Milazzo


Meet Me at Pikk Tanav by Maria Milazzo


Den Gamble By by Maria Milazzo


Quiet Morning on Dobric Six Split Croatia by Maria Milazzo


Julie's House or Sweet Sensations in Ghent by Maria Milazzo


Up Stream at Ravine by Maria Milazzo


Sunset After the Storm by Maria Milazzo


After the Storm by Maria Milazzo


The Search for Lester by Maria Milazzo


Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky by Maria Milazzo


detail from The Search for Lester 1916 by Maria Milazzo


Clay Roof House by Maria Milazzo


Ruby Begonias for Aunt Chickie by Maria Milazzo


Celia and Peter by Maria Milazzo


Ptown Horizon Postcard by Maria Milazzo

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