Mario Carini - Fine Artist

Mario Carini

Kemptville, ON - Canada








Mario Carini

Kemptville, ON - Canada

Mario Carini - Fine Artist

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February 5th, 2012







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About Mario Carini

Ever since I got my first desktop, I fell in love with creating graphic artwork. Ultra Fractal was hard to understand but I got the hang of the program and have been able to create some wonderful art with it. I'm a curious kind of guy and Ultra Fractal and Mandala Maker are the love to experiment, expand the borders of any program I work with to see what new expressions I can come up with. UF and Mandala Maker are the two programs I work with the most in conjunction with Paint Shop Pro and other minor programs such as Apophysis and Repligator.

My works also appear on Deviant Art, Renderosity and EBSQ.

As if that wasn't enough to keep me creative, there's always my writing. Articles focus mostly on health, self improvement and business. A number of my works appear on Helium, Suite 101, Triond and Constant Content, Currently I'm writing a book of spiritual self-improvement.

Since I'm closing in on retirement, I hope to focus more on selling my artwork through exhibitions, galleries, arts and crafts.My love for words on paper and on canvas will never die and only lead to more creativity.

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