Mark E Smith - Fine Artist

Mark E Smith

Bluffton, SC - United States








Mark E Smith

Bluffton, SC - United States

Mark E Smith - Fine Artist

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About Mark E Smith

Mark is a self-taught artist from Bluffton South Carolina who follows his passion for painting. His thoughts are that art is a perceived notion of one’s ability to decipher or understand ones interpretations of what they think or see. Art has no bounds, not much is left in painting to discover as far as technique however much is left to reinvent. With brush in hand, being a painter is seeing the world in color and visualizing it in one’s mind and through one’s body to create what ones sees.
His style is predominantly impressionist as his art is passionate, inspired by the things he loves and the energies he feels. His current works are studies of skies or multimedia techniques added to his paintings. Acrylics are his medium of choice for his paintings because of the feel they give as they glide under a finger or across the canvas. They give a certain feel of spontaneity, quickness and sensuality as the work progresses that does not come from oils or watercolors. Paintings to some might be meaningless, but to him each one has an individual meaning.
Some say art is a talent; some say talent is a gift. The passion to create and the ability to express one’s self in art, is a gift. Therefore, “if I can please or inspire just one person, I have returned my gift”.

Thank you for taking time to veiw my work.
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Ocean sunrise by Mark E Smith


Shrimp boat on the river by Mark E Smith

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