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Mark Gilmore

Walnut Shade, MO - United States








Mark Gilmore

Walnut Shade, MO - United States

Mark Gilmore - Fine Artist

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About Mark Gilmore

I orginally aquired an interest in photography from my mother, while she was training in the subject in college. Immitating her with a working Brownie in the seventies, I went through many rolls of film and a lot of flash bulbs. Stepping up in the nineties to a modern film camera, I took snapshots while doing a tour in the U.S. NAVY. When digital came along, I purchased one of the first SONY Mavica cameras and explored the new found, instant gratification that digital brought to us all.
I have recently been inspired by the opportunity of travel and purchased modern digital equipment. I use it for my art in macro and wildlife/nature photography. I travel the mid US and observe the natural beauty that surrounds us all, and try and communicate my emotions via photography. My vision extends beyond the camera to the digital darkroom, and I produce a wide range of styles, from a basic natural capturing, to a professionally enhanced work of art.
I am inspired by those around me producing stunning images and strive to learn from other photographers. I also believe the art is to be shared and often share my knowledge freely with those who desire the knowledge to help them achieve their vision.
My dream is to support my lifestyle with my photography and someday change to medium format equipment.

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Hermann Sunset by Mark Gilmore


Fall Flowers 01 by Mark Gilmore


Ozark's Fall 01 by Mark Gilmore


October in the Ozark's by Mark Gilmore


Ozark Summer Blue Sunset by Mark Gilmore


Summer Butterfly by Mark Gilmore


Fly Away by Mark Gilmore


Ozark's Rain Storm by Mark Gilmore


Until It Rains by Mark Gilmore


Dandy by Mark Gilmore


Wyoming Fence by Mark Gilmore


The Colors of Fall 2011 by Mark Gilmore


Hover Fly 1 by Mark Gilmore


International Orange by Mark Gilmore


San Francisco Skyline by Mark Gilmore


Magic Redwood Scene by Mark Gilmore


Angry Ocean on a Clear Day by Mark Gilmore


Iowa Barn by Mark Gilmore

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