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Ramat-Gan - Israel








Mark Mordehai Belo

Ramat-Gan - Israel

Mark Mordehai Belo - Fine Artist

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About Mark Mordehai Belo

Mark Mordehai Belo
Freedom and Change are Key words to understanding. Living by the beach promitted cosmic visions in him. Many years later discovering a world Of rainbow coloured deserts and tropic coloured desert Sunshine, cristall clear red-sea waters and a panoramic landscape of Sinai mountains. It was an attempt to project his fantasy. Mark Belo born in Jaffa , start to paint for his own mental Exploration. Study art at the Art-Academy in Florenz. His work blended with fantastic and esoteric vein, sensibility coloures, beauty and aesthetics. Revealing a heightened understanding of structure and form, in edition the work has an emotion appeal and expresses a visual reality that appears to be in part only a reflection of a dream. There exists the skillful fusion of structure, purity of colour, and conceptual content. The visceral nuance and emotional appeal is very powerful. is paintings are themed and consist of using abstract shapes and the human forms as part of the composition. A world traveller and an artist. Selling his work himself through contacts built after years Of travel. Exhibits his work all over the world. Most of his work goes to privat Collecters. His body of work encludes several series and one of them is CosmoDolphin I. A woman with dolphins, a symbol of Freedom and Change

Medium: Painting with Oil colors Using normal brush, working on canvas and specil wood plats.


1984- Orange Grove ART Gallery (South Africa)
1986- Niagra artists center exchange show in Ontario Canada
1987- artist show Eaton centre Toronto Canada
1989- Shikoko ART Gallery TOKIO
1991- El-Encanto Art Gallery in Mexico city
1993- Diamonds dust ART gallery SWITZERLAND
1995- Rapp art Gallery SWITZERLAND
1996- is own Gallery (cosmodolphin) in AUSTRIA
1999- ARTshow in perth AUSTRALIA
2001- ART SHOW in Melbourne Australia
2002- metropolitan Gallery Canberra Australia
2003- Arena Gallery Michign USA
2004- Museo del prado MADRID
2005- Royal Gallery LONDON
2006- Dolphin Gallery, HongKong
2007- Aura art Gallery, changhai
2008- Circle art Gallery, brisbane
2008- Gagosian art Gallery, New York

Sale Details

1986- Niagara Falls Art Gallery (Canada) (The SKIER)
Sold for 2200$ size 19x20 inch, oil on canvas.
1987- Privet collecter David Robinson st-catherines CANADA,
(WOMEN) sold for 2800$ size 39.40 x 31.44 inch, Oil on Canvas.
1987- Toronto Canada Eaton Senter(Artist show)
(The Golfer) sold for 4500$ Oil on Canvas, size 35x30 inch.
1989- Privet collecter Yasukuni Jimbocho Japan
(Cosmo 6) size 18x19 inch, Oil on canvas, sold for 3000$
1990- South-Africa Orenge grove art Gallery (the ball)
Sold for 5500$ size 21x29 inch, Oil on canvas,
1993- SWITZERLAND Diamonds-dust ART gallery
( couples) Oil on wood, size 23x17 inch, sold for 2500$
1996- Privet collecter Nachbaur horst AUSTRIA (women with two children)
Sold for 3000$ size 65x40 inch , oil on canvas.
(Woman and dolphin ) sold for 2500$ size 18x18 inch, Oil on wood plat.
1998-Privet collecter Sepp Hutter cocepta Switzerland
(Cosmodolphin I ) oil on canvas, Size 50x40 inch, Sold for 8000$
(Women on the beach) Oil on canvas, Size 25x20 inch, Sold for 4800$
1999- Sold to Conny Gasser Conny LAND Switzerland.
(Cosmodolphin 2) Oil on canvas, Size 80x60 inch, Sold for 8800$
2002- ART Trading, Uri Geller England.
(Meditation) Oil on wood , 18x18 inch.
2003- Privet collecter Matthias Leindl Dornbirn AUSTRIA.
(Dancing couple) Oil on wood, Size 18x18 inch, Sold for 1600$
(Jupiter sign) Oil on wood, Size 21x21 inch, Sold for 1800$
2005- Privet collecter Brianard lael USA.
(women 3) Oil on canvas Size 24x24 inch, Sold for 2500$
2006- Privet collecter Toni Franco madrid, Spain
(couple Nr6) Oil on canvas, Size 18x18 inch, Sold for 3500$
2008 -the national cafe Gallery London
(Dolphin) Oil on wood, Size 26x26 inch, Sold for2800$
2009 -Privet collecter Leann Rimes USA
(men and women) Oil on wood, Size 20x15 inch, Sold for 3400$

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Cosmodolphin Ii by Mark Mordehai Belo


Twins by Mark Mordehai Belo


Cosmodolphin I by Mark Mordehai Belo


Vision Of The Couple by Mark Mordehai Belo

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