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Mark Van den dries - Fine Artist

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About Mark Van den dries

Mark Andrew Van den dries (born 19 April 1978) is an Australian artist. Mark Van den dries is the founder of the Now Art Movement known as Technological Solutionism or Collectivist Art Movement.
Currently more than 10,000 people a week are viewing the Online evolving Art Exhibition 'Irony, Symbolism, Controversy' since it went live on September 19th, 2012.

Many artist's from around the world are showing interest and are also creating Digital Technological Solutionist Art. The aim of the Art Movement is to show the world in transition to a digital collective with many artist's view points from Capitalism to Communism finding truth by bring question to the topics societies deem to be better left alone and hopefully creating a broader consciousness that will expect the truth & expose secrets.

In 2013 I began to produce the Technological Solutionist Art using a critical view to remove old belief and create new truth based in a digital form that represents the fast online nature with a consciousness that is evolving quicker than before as people share their views on blogs, twitter and facebook etc. I call this body of Art - Graphic Symbolism.

Graphic Symbolism Art is created using dingbats. I do not create the illustrations, I place the illustrations to create an image that represents the world using symbols found in the world.

In 2012 I created the Belief Series (illustration - graphic design) and The Now Movement (fine art photography). Australian society is shaped by its love of Sport and admiration of American Culture, mixed with its healthy multicultural influences of Aboriginal, English, Indian, Italian, Creek, Asian, Japanese and many others.The Now Movement Photography was created to excite the Australian public to view Art as a form of expression with contemporary life.

The Belief series of art looks to find similarity in religions expressed by using Graphic Design symbols.

INTERNETIN The Online Fine Art (on linkedin) - was formed on 28 December 2012 by Mark Van den dries and aims to find the latest Fine Arts News from around the world.

For more information on the Artist or to arrange an interview find email information at

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