Markus Meier - Fine Artist

Markus Meier

Oberglatt - Switzerland








Markus Meier

Oberglatt - Switzerland

Markus Meier - Fine Artist

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October 24th, 2009







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About Markus Meier

Karmym is a self taught artist. The purpose of his art is to expand his and your consciousness. He is consistently learning and growing while creating new artworks, through the inspirations from live and your feedback.
In my freetime I travelled the world or danced through the nights until I became father. Exploring different cultures and different way of living was an important experience and an expansion of my interests.
Travelling was a going back to my roots. Now I want to spent as much time as possible with my family and I'm travelling more inwards my soul and body.
My paintings are visual affirmations that impregnate consciousness with sacred symbols, meanings and subconscious archetypes.
'I'm learning to consciously balance the colors and all the other aspects of live. i think when we find this balances, it leads to peace.'
'Painting is like travelling. you have your style how you like to travel, how you see things, how you enjoy the day. then you learn something new and your style of travelling changes.'

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Shakti - 2015 by Karmym


Shirshasana - 2015 by Karmym


Listen - 2015 by Karmym


Bloom - 2015 by Karmym


Running - 2015 by Karmym


Deer todem - 2014 by Karmym


Heart Opening - 2014 by Karmym


First Manifistation - 2014 by Karmym


Music - 2014 by Karmym


Motherhood - 2014 by Karmym


Prana Flow - 2014 by Karmym


Deep Consonance - 2013 by Karmym


Viparita Virabhadrasana - 2013 by Karmym


Intuition - 2013 by Karmym


Healing - 2013 by Karmym


Bandhasana - 2013 by Karmym


Savasana - 2013 by Karmym


Interconnected - 2013 by Karmym


Balanced - 2013 by Karmym


Vitality - 2012 by Karmym


Tantra Lovers - 2012 by Markus Meier


Vipassana - 2012 by Markus Meier


Bodhisattva Digital 2011 by Markus Meier


Kundalini - 2010 by Markus Meier


Krishnamurti - 2009 by Markus Meier

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   |   Images = 25