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Made by Marley

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Made by Marley

Chesterfield, MO - United States

Made by Marley - Fine Artist

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My sister Maggie started this website to promote & sell her original artwork. Maggie passed away in December of 2012 and her family has now taken over this site to continue adding additional pieces from her extensive portfolio that she never got to show the world. For the time being we will only be selling reproductions via this website, and will be offering some originals at some point in the future. 100% off all profits from everything sold will be put into a Trust for her four beautiful children. Thank you for your continued support of Maggie's work... Made by Marley.

I am an expressionist artist residing in St. Louis, MO. I started in the arts at a very early age and always did it in some form or the other since about age 8. I was mainly influenced from how great my older brother could draw so I spent countless hours watching him and asking him how to draw the perfect Garfield and Odi, which at age 8 was pretty important. ;) I pursued arts in College at the University of Kansas, Florissant Valley Community College and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. All gave me the important variety of professors and fellow students to learn from.

After being mainy a figurative drawing student growing up it was in college when my experimentation of color started the most. One of my professors basically said I didn't know how to paint or use color that I should just stick to figurative work. I was determined to prove him wrong and have since spent most of my hours painting in vibrant hues and using mainly my imagination. I like to still go back to the basics and do some portraits, figurative work and more realistic things but the majority of my portfolio revolves around my need to express who I am, what I've experienced and what impressions others have left on me.

Music, life's obstables, quotes, feelings and emotions all tend to be the basis for where I start with a painting. My true intent is to evoke an emotion from those viewing my work. Art has always been my one true passion. I spent many years with it on the backburner playing mom. After going through a traumatic divorce and losing my brother to suicide in 2007 I found my way back to it again. It was the only thing that felt true in an unknown world.

Four years later I'm still pursuing my passion and trying more now than ever to spread my wings into new opportunities to learn from other artists as well as show the world my life in paint. My portfolio is more extensive I just need to edit some images before I upload the rest to sell on here. You can look at more of my art on facebook. I'm Marley Art or Made by Marley and Marley on

Thanks for stopping by.

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Amendment II by Made by Marley


Girl in the Sun by Made by Marley


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Faith by Made by Marley


Untitled Tree by Made by Marley


Jazz Trio Preservation Hall by Made by Marley


Creation by Made by Marley


Cocoon by Made by Marley


Holliday by Made by Marley


Expectant Couple by Made by Marley


Untitled Heart by Made by Marley


Bloom by Made by Marley


Inaudible Melodies by Made by Marley


Wonderland by Made by Marley


Nawlins Jazz by Made by Marley


Pujols at Bat by Made by Marley


Solsticio de Invierno by Made by Marley


Murky Water by Made by Marley


Seine River by Made by Marley


The Dreaming Tree by Made by Marley


Big Eyed Fish by Made by Marley


Satan's Earth by Made by Marley


Upside Down Reality by Made by Marley

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