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Martin Bellmann

Jamestown, MO - United States








Martin Bellmann

Jamestown, MO - United States

Martin Bellmann - Fine Artist

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About Martin Bellmann

I am a native of Missouri, having been born and raised in the St. Louis area, although in my heart I have always preferred a rural lifestyle and escaped to the woods whenever I could, even if that was only in my mind.

I moved to Columbia, Missouri to continue my college education at UMC, where I earned my degree in Fisheries and Wildlife.

Living in mid-Missouri has provided opportunities for me that I never had in the St. Louis area. For one, it is much easier for me to be able to get to the woods whenever I want to. I love to wander in period clothing with my flintlock rifle over hills and valleys, through creeks and over bluffs, or wherever my feet take me. My interests developed more and more strongly over the years toward the eastern colonial frontier, especially around the 1760's. This is a fascinating time for me. I am most interested in the way people lived and the materials they had to work with. There is great beauty in wood, stone, cloth and leather, and living simply and close to the earth.

As for my art I am self-taught. I first started drawing when I was five. We couldn't afford pictures back then, or even posters to hang on the walls. But one day I learned that my father could draw, so every once in a while he would draw a picture for me or my brother and we would hang it up. We were delighted by this and felt this was very special and personal. But eventually my father became so busy trying to make a living and dealing with the difficulties of life and raising a family that he rarely had time to draw for us. So I decided to draw a picture for myself and discovered that I had an aptitude for it. I think the greatest gift my father gave me was to show me, by example, that you could learn to do almost anything.

I first started drawing with pencil, and still love the subtle expressiveness of that medium. I also draw with pen and ink and with a woodburning pen. I paint with acrylic paints. I've developed a style that is very meticulous and detailed to bring out the rich texture of what I am trying to portray.

I live with my wife in a little log cabin that I built from the salvaged logs of an old original cabin on a hillside that overlooks the beautiful rolling hills of Missouri. The beauty of the forests and fields, the hills and sky, inspire and bring joy to my life.
I have a very strong Native American influence to my soul. I seek to express a spiritual quality in everything that I do, especially my art. I work to create paintings and drawings that encourage people to look deeper and find a greater richness of mystery and wonder... to notice subtle things that we often miss. I would ask the viewer to look within. Where does your imagination take you?

Thank you for sharing this time with me. May the Great Spirit bless you and yours, and may you find joy in life always.

Martin Bellmann

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