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Marvin Harding

Middle River, MD. - United States








Marvin Harding

Middle River, MD. - United States

Marvin Harding - Fine Artist

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I was on my way home driving on 6/7/2012 at 7:50 pm. It rained some and I noticed a rainbo in the sky. I pulled over and took 5 photographs of the rainbo. 1st 4 shots were in the middle portion of the rainbo and the 5th shot was to get the left end of the rainbo because the trees were blocking the right end a lot. I have always found rainbo's amazing and thats why I was taking these photos.

I didn't bother after I got home to take a look and for 3 months I didn't bother. I thought I would take a look at some of my photos and while glancing at 1 of the rainbo shots I noticed this bright light inside the rainbo. So I took a closer look and it seemed like a beam of light. I analyzed it and analyzed it. I took that photo and had it printed on a 16X20 inch size poster in color. There was this round shape around the bright light. I got even more curious thinking what it is, so I went to a website that enhances photos. The enhancement show the shape of a round top, a saucer shape with the bright beam below it. Now I know for sure what it is, I THINK ITS A THING OF BEAUTY. All 5 photos were taken in 26 seconds.

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