Mary Brown - Fine Artist

Mary Brown

Princeton, NC - United States








Mary Brown

Princeton, NC - United States

Mary Brown - Fine Artist

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About Mary Brown

Mary was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970. She began drawing at the age of five. After attending her first art class in high school at the suggestion of a friend, she began to regard her talents more seriously. She continued drawing, but started to incorporate more independent study of the different art forms, styles, and techniques.

Mary spent five years in the Air Force, much of that time overseas in Japan and England. During her travels and foreign experiences, she developed a deep admiration for antiquity and classical art. It was during these years that she fine-tuned her skills as an artist; still concentrating most of her efforts toward sketching and drawing. Honing the process of drawing, she slowly incorporated experimentation with different materials with the intention of broadening her understanding of ability versus intuition. Later, she built upon this through formal study and holds a degree in Fine Art.

As her skills grew, she realized her talents for creating art in multiple medias, including oils. Her personal imagery, dramatic flair, and love for rich colors work together to create touching, emotionally charged compositions. Using her skills as an artist gives her a constant and ever-changing avenue with which to share and imply emotion in a universal way.

Mary has created many works utilizing oil, pastel, charcoal, organic materials and various sculptural processes, including kinetic art. While she does accommodate some commission work, she now prefers to spend her time creating independently. She also maintains a constant art show schedule and is currently considering some teaching opportunities.

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