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Mary LaFever

Anchorage, AK - United States








Mary LaFever

Anchorage, AK - United States

Mary LaFever - Fine Artist

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About Mary LaFever

Although my lifelong friend and my mother practiced their artistic endeavors for decades right in front of me, I have only recently immersed myself most enchantedly in classes, workshops, art books, and the world of oil paint. For the first Gallery, I followed the instructions of Anchorage artist Don Kolstad, thus they are 'inspired by' his originals. Bruges Bridge was done earlier, as was the Armagh Cottage, inspired by photos. An oil workshop in mid-March 2012 marks my first oil class ever. Beginning Sketching/Drawing also happened that March, and any other 'training' over past decades was purely informal. but for a short design/color class in the late 80's.

Before art? A part-time music teacher/performer, I spend some parts of my days managing the 'papers and numbers' that come to me as the longtime office manager/bookkeeper for my spouse's consulting business (see and Keeping local coffee shops in business is a mission of mine, along with travel, and ever-so-happily keeping up with my all too distant ~as in far away and way too busy~ dear friends and family members.

My landing at this site indicates two things: I want to share my joy of art with my friends and family, as well as to see if this might become the retirement job of my dreams. So, I ask you, esteemed viewer, what do you like, and what would you like to see more of?

Thanks for stopping by.....come again.

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Bruges Bridge by Mary LaFever


My Mountains by Mary LaFever


Bold Blue Creek by Mary LaFever


Shady Woods in Sunny Snow by Mary LaFever


Dawn's Edge by Mary LaFever


Forget Not the Daisies by Mary LaFever


Phoebe's Trail by Mary LaFever


Majesty by Mary LaFever


Eklutna Meadow by Mary LaFever


Patriot Boat by Mary LaFever


Denali Dream by Mary LaFever


Afternoon In Nepal by Mary LaFever


Barrel Duo by Mary LaFever


7 Bales Of Hay by Mary LaFever


Silo Quintet by Mary LaFever


Tuscan Door by Mary LaFever


Eklutna Lake by Mary LaFever


Petite Rue Arles by Mary LaFever

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   |   Images = 18