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Mary Smyth

Toronto, ON - Canada

Mary Smyth - Fine Artist

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About Mary Smyth

I am a Toronto, Canada based photographer who shoots film, mostly. I make photographs of everyday things I love in the world around me. Each of my images reveals a little bit about me and my love of the ordinary and not so ordinary.

There are so many reasons I shoot film: I adore the depth film offers, especially the medium formats and the slow, zen like process of shooting film. The look and feel of film are like no other.

My primary medium format film cameras are the Hasselbald 501CM and 503CW, the Mamiya 7II and in digital, a Canon EOS 1DX and 5D Mark II. In the summer of 2014 I finally purchased my dream camera, a Contax 645; yes another medium format film camera. Occasionally, I can be seem carrying a Canon EOS-1V 35mm film camera.

And I always have a camera with me. Yes, seriously always.

The large majority of my work here are digital images, but you will find some of my film work as well.

All my images are available for licensing -

You can also find my work on several other sites.

Stock photographs on Getty Images -

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Most of my work is on Flickr

If you find an image that you are interested in purchasing on my Flickr account (that is not represented by Getty Images), please send me an email at:

Thank you for visiting & I hope you have enjoyed viewing my photographs.

All images 2008-2015 Mary Smyth. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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Magnolia Season V by Mary Smyth


Yellow Daffodil And Log by Mary Smyth


Pink Spring Blossoms by Mary Smyth


Abstracted by Mary Smyth


Gnarly Tree In Black and White by Mary Smyth


All In The Details by Mary Smyth


Rolling Hills In Autumn by Mary Smyth


Autumn's Jewels by Mary Smyth


Bridges by Mary Smyth


The Old Pier by Mary Smyth


Day At The Beach Five by Mary Smyth


Day At The Beach IV by Mary Smyth


Day At The Beach III by Mary Smyth


Day at The Beach II by Mary Smyth


Stand-up Paddle Boarding by Mary Smyth


Day At The Beach I by Mary Smyth


Bicycles In Black and White by Mary Smyth


Spring Blossoms III by Mary Smyth


Two Trunks by Mary Smyth


Ranunculus Love II by Mary Smyth


Fruit by Mary Smyth


Rimmed With Gold by Mary Smyth


Clasped Hands by Mary Smyth


Horse Profile by Mary Smyth


Back View Horse by Mary Smyth


Spider Queen by Mary Smyth


Side Glance by Mary Smyth


Tulip Petals by Mary Smyth


Kitchen Light by Mary Smyth


Peachy Pink Roses by Mary Smyth


Horses In The Paddock by Mary Smyth


Horseplay by Mary Smyth


Gingerbread Star by Mary Smyth


Horse Tail by Mary Smyth


Little Pinks by Mary Smyth


Candy Heart by Mary Smyth


Horses In Winter by Mary Smyth


Vintage Dolls II by Mary Smyth


Pastel Dreams by Mary Smyth


Purple Teddy Bear by Mary Smyth


Big Brown Eyes by Mary Smyth


Sherbet Roses by Mary Smyth


Pastel Macarons II by Mary Smyth


Pastel Macarons II by Mary Smyth


Daffodils In Black and White by Mary Smyth


Spring Daffodils by Mary Smyth


White Ranunculus by Mary Smyth


Ranunculus In Pink by Mary Smyth

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   |   Images = 361




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