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Maryam Salamat - Fine Artist

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About Maryam Salamat

In primary school I painted some really interesting and creative paintings, and my teachers always were very fond of my work. At age 12, I encountered and got really interested in Kamal-ol-Molk’s works - a very famous painter in Iran in Qajar dynasty era. His works are very unique, real, and innovative.
For the reason who everyone works toward advancing in life, in addition to painting, I also got interested in calligraphy in middle school and with the inspiration and encouragement from my family, I worked in the field very extensively.
In all my primary, middle school, and high school, I was always very active and seriously involved in all school subjects and extracurricular courses such as writing short stories, participating in team sports, and chess tournaments.
After I achieved my high school diploma in Mathematics and Physics, I opened my own art gallery to present my paintings and calligraphy for the public. It was then when I also started teaching my art to young pupils. At the same time, I also started teaching adults in some private institutes.
After four years of intensive work, I decided to go for higher education in the field of art, and I already had made the connections with the faculty of art schools in my hometown. I entered the Art University of Esfahan in painting in 2007. And, I soon became the top student in my class with the highest grades. I then, attended and was awarded in quite a few art festivals around Iran as the most talented student of my university. In my extracurricular activities, I also attended and also awarded in a few chess tournaments in universities around Iran.

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Dead Fish by Maryam Salamat


Fish by Maryam Salamat


Mistress by Maryam Salamat

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