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Maryann DAmico

Philadelphia, PA - United States








Maryann DAmico

Philadelphia, PA - United States

Maryann DAmico - Fine Artist

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About Maryann DAmico

Award winning and published ,Artist Maryann D'Amico, attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. She has been working independently as an artist since 2005.

She primarily uses an acrylic medium on canvas or charcoal on canvas.Her work is diverse with educational ,spiritual and intellectual art driven by contemplative idea's,studies and concepts.She has a special interest of the combination of music and art.

She has been featured in the NEPA Arts Magazine Connections for her Trio on canvas entitled, ' Tragedy,Triumph and Grace.' The 3 compositions on canvas published with a poem she wrote entitled, ' Canticle of the Canvas: Secrets of the Mystical Garden.' Maryann has also won a contest for art awarded by The Philadelphia Art Museum for her children's painted furniture entitled, ' The Magical Rocking Chair.' Maryann makes each chair unique for children and a story accompanies the chair. Maryann has also designed and constructed a Tea and Art Cart for children that is hand painted as well as rocking horses.

Currently, Maryann is working on a collective work entitled, ' A Tribute to the Heart of David Sabatino.' This work is being done in memory of a lifetime friend who was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash.The current collective work will continue to grow as she paints those who loved David and those who David loved.The paintings are acrylic or charcoal on canvas.

The work also features a very special guest. The entertainer Michael Allman ,whose father is Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band. Maryann was thrilled to have him as a special part of the Tribute. It was his uncle Duane of the Allman Brothers who was also killed in a motorcycle crash.

The collective work is being financially sponsored by Jon Miskell ,a friend of Maryann's and Maryann's father, Dr. Francis D'Amico. Maryann was initially the beneficiary of an art sponsor, Lois Potts. Upon her death allowed Maryann the opportunity to have a home without a mortgage and a new car so that Maryann could devote her life to the arts and charity for the poor via the arts.

Maryann features her products with her artwork on her non-profit website. The proceeds benefit poor single mom's and their children. Please visit that site if you wish to make a donation and receive one of the gifts. Contact: Some of the proceeds will also benefit the grand daughter of Maryann's beloved friend David Sabatino who has a daughter with a child. Please visit the link on the website: Dave Sabatino Great Heart Memorial.

In addition, the some of proceeds of this art website will also be given for the work of the poor.Maryann's art,music,business and personal life all carry one strong message....Faith,Hope and Love. Here you will find Art With a Heart.

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