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Mathilde Vhargon

England, England - United Kingdom

Mathilde Vhargon - Fine Artist

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About Mathilde Vhargon

About the leaf:

The leaf you will see in all of my later paintings, is my personal artist signature and contains my initials, so it represents me, but also often takes a quasi-human role to represent a single person or an 'everyone'. The leaf changes, evolves, and its placement, size and colour are adjusted to suit the painting, which may include it as a sort of observer in the scene, a nearly hidden element, or even a focal point. It may represent various things, as well. It is left to the viewer to assign any meaning to it or to determine how I see it, myself.

More about me and my art

I have always loved Fine Arts and spent half a century focusing on classical music, becoming a professional musician and teacher of music. Then, my life circumstances demanded a change of direction. To my surprise, I found an endless source of ideas inside myself for visual art, and in time I began to gain a bit of confidence as others expressed appreciation for my efforts.

I love making digital paintings, and rarely use any materials other than my own art or painted textures from which to begin. I do not have a suitable place to paint with physical materials, and would not be able to paint at all if it were not for digital software. I am currently using the Gimp program wirth my mouse or digital drawing pad.

My paintings suggest themselves to me a little at a time without conscious planning in the early stages. Most frequently, my work begins by brushing a few colours on the blank digital canvas and then trying a few processes or manipulations to see what ideas I get from the results.
I particularly love the possibilities digital painting offers. I don't rely on processes and filters for the main part of the piece; most of my work involves hours of hand painting, sometimes pixel by pixel for the smallest details. A good example of this is my floral work, 'Quiet Passion'. I dislike sharp corners and edges, so my process involves blending and merging for smooth transitions, with dozens of small adjustments to produce the subtle, rich, analogous colour layering that predominates in most of my work.

My favourite artists are Marc Chagall and J.M.W. Turner.


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