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Mats Eriksson

Stockholm, St - Sweden








Mats Eriksson

Stockholm, St - Sweden

Mats Eriksson - Fine Artist

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November 9th, 2007







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About Mats Eriksson

Mats Eriksson is 48 yrs and lives in the south of Stockholm in Sweden. Mats has been painting, using varius media, on and off for many years now. He used to work as a researcher in chemistry but started to paint more on a daily basis about 6 yrs ago. His preferred media is acrylics and has the last year mostly been painting nudes and portraits, but also some still lifes and landscapes. He is fascinated by how colors affect each other and by light-effects, and is often experimenting with this in his paintings.


Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, febr.-05
Gallery Agueli, Stockholm, Sweden, nov. -05
Gallery Agueli, Stockholm, Sweden, dec. -06
Gallery Stallet, Falsterbo, Sweden, june -07
Gallery Senapskornet, Sollentuna, Sweden, oct. -07
Bobo's Catering and Events, Sollentuna, Sweden, nov.-dec. -07
Stockholms Konstsalong, Hagaparken, Stockholm, Sweden, april -08
Galleri Hagman, Stockholm, Sweden, dec. -08
Stockholms Konstsalong, Hagaparken, Stockholm, Sweden, march- 09
Galleri Ängel, Stockholm, Sweden, march-april- 09
Exhibition 'Eco Now', Kistamässan, Sweden, aug. -09
Cafe Chokladkoppen, Stockholm, Sweden, oct.-nov.-09
Gallery Agueli, Stockholm, Sweden, march -10
Gärdets Kaffebar, Stockholm, Sweden, april-june -10
Galleri Ängel, Stockholm, Sweden, oct-10
Gallery Canevaz, Gothenburg, Sweden, maj -11
Kulturcentrum Santa Barbara, Stockholm, Sweden, aug.-sept-11
Gallery Riddaren, Stockholm, Sweden, oct.-nov.-11
Cybergalleriet,, jan. -12
Gallery Engelson, Stockholm, Sweden, jan -13
Galleri Engleson, Stockholm,Sweden july-13

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Sacral by Mats Eriksson


Vulcanic by Mats Eriksson


Glowing by Mats Eriksson


Pipes by Mats Eriksson


Shades by Mats Eriksson


Handle with care by Mats Eriksson


Torso by Mats Eriksson


The man by the wall by Mats Eriksson


Red currants by Mats Eriksson


Smoke break II by Mats Eriksson


Golden Gate Bridge by Mats Eriksson


The guy by the lake by Mats Eriksson


The nest by Mats Eriksson


Rooted by Mats Eriksson


Manly face by Mats Eriksson


Some cones by Mats Eriksson


The axe by Mats Eriksson


Have another cookie by Mats Eriksson


Light In The Darkness by Mats Eriksson


Summer flowers by Mats Eriksson


Grapes and Wine by Mats Eriksson


In the cave opening by Mats Eriksson


With roses in her hair by Mats Eriksson


Pensive girl by Mats Eriksson

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