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Matt Cormons - Fine Artist

Matt Cormons

Parksley, VA - United States








Matt Cormons

Parksley, VA - United States

Matt Cormons - Fine Artist

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September 15th, 2007







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About Matt Cormons

Matt's studies and careers over the years have centered on plants, animals and the environment. Majoring in zoology and botany, he obtained his master's degree in animal behavior (ethology) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Matt has spent many years lecturing and teaching natural history subjects at New York's American Museum of Natural History; has illustrated insects for scientific journals; collected insects in Venezuela (two species are named in his honor); taught midde school science; directed an environmental education center for over a decade; is presently involved with bird research and conservation in the U.S. and the Azores; has co-written ornithological papers (his wife has been a major researcher of the endangered Roseate Tern for many decades); has written nature articles for the local paper and other venues; keeps bees; is the official photographer and artist for a nature-oriented family learning program created by his wife of 42years (see; creates wildlife sculptures in wood and is a nature photographer. Matt's website ( concentrates on the latter two interests.

Matt's sculptures can be found on 6 continents, in private collections, museums, refuges, and environmental education centers. His photos of close, intimate subjects and scenes in nature have appeared in many publications. His most recent book, Wildflowers of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, commissioned by the refuge identifies over 65 of the common flowers found there. He also wrote a similar book for the above-mentioned family learning program (SPARK), containing a collection of 48 of the most common wildflowers found along roadsides of Virginia's Eastern Shore, but which are also found over most of the U.S. east of the Rockies (and many west of the Rockies). Both books are child-friendly, but full of useful information for interested adults. Anyone with an interest in wildflowers, and would like to share it with children, would love to have these affordable books and may contact Matt for details (current cost is $$8.00 plus shipping and all sales go back into the SPARK program) Although most of Matt's subjects are found locally, he also has photos from other continents. His photos of the barely noticed, small but beautiful wildflowers and smaller animals adorn the walls of many homes.

An extended biography may be viewed on his web site ( where you may also see his carvings.

*Please note: Many of the images shown have been taken in RAW format also. If you want very large images made, beyond what are offered on this site, many can be provided upon request.

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Ivory-billed Woodpecker carving print by Matt Cormons


Pacific Goldern Plover carving or print available by Matt Cormons


Snapping Turtle Tracks in Marsh Mud by Matt Cormons


Thumbs Up by Matt Cormons


Dent Corn by Matt Cormons


Horned Devil by Matt Cormons


Snakeskin Pattern by Matt Cormons


Spider Web in Early Morning by Matt Cormons


Spiderweb with Droplets of Dew by Matt Cormons


Spider Web on an Early Foggy Morning by Matt Cormons


Insignificent Other by Matt Cormons


Crab Spider on Flower by Matt Cormons


You Can't See Me by Matt Cormons


White Pongo by Matt Cormons


With This Ring Thee I Wed by Matt Cormons


Pickerel Frog on Forest Floor by Matt Cormons


Shorebird in Natural Wood by Matt Cormons


Sea Oxeye by Matt Cormons


Pattern in Gray 5 by Matt Cormons


Pattern in Gray 4 by Matt Cormons


Pattern in Gray 3 by Matt Cormons


Pattern in Gray 2 by Matt Cormons


Pattern in gray1 by Matt Cormons


Barnacles by Matt Cormons


Chincoteague Ponies Near Sunset by Matt Cormons


Grass magnified by Dew Drops by Matt Cormons


Four Fleabane Flowers by Matt Cormons


Ocean Foam Cast up on Assateague Beach by Matt Cormons


Beach Foam by Matt Cormons


Pinto Filly in a Foggy Field by Matt Cormons


Cow in Foggy Field by Matt Cormons


Geese Walking in a Foggy Field by Matt Cormons


Geese running in a foggy field by Matt Cormons


Pinto in Field on a Foggy Morning by Matt Cormons


Three Sheep in a Foggy Field by Matt Cormons


Bull in Fog with Masked Sun by Matt Cormons


Red Maple Samaras in Spring by Matt Cormons


Raven on Tip of Giant Saguaro Cactus by Matt Cormons


Assassin Bug on Sunflower Disk by Matt Cormons


Beautiful Depthford Pink by Matt Cormons


Here's Looking at You by Matt Cormons


Tiny Toad Hiding by Matt Cormons


Beefly in Pear Blossom by Matt Cormons


Marsh Marigold with Beetles by Matt Cormons


Gate Bales and Tree in Foggy Morn by Matt Cormons


Gray Tree Frog on Tree Branch by Matt Cormons


Red Toad Among Rocks by Matt Cormons


Ready to Go by Matt Cormons

Images = 132




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