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Matthew Angelo

Fort Collins, CO - United States

Matthew Angelo - Fine Artist

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About Matthew Angelo

I do photography because I have a passion for it. It is something I love to do. Part of this comes from the ability to capture a moment, an emotion, or even an event as it happens and freeze it for eternity. Another part comes from wanting to create. Not just a great image, but a piece of art that will be remembered for all time, to create something timeless and meaningful. As a photographer, I want individuals to see meaning in my work. I want them to see the emotions, the symbolism, and the honesty in my images. My aspiration for my photography is to make a change in this world, a change for the better. To make people see outside of themselves and see the beauty that is in everything.
When I photograph a subject, whether it is a person or a landscape, I go in with one question going through my head. “How do I make this different?” I based every decision on how I answer that question. The answer is different each time. I don’t want to light all my subjects the same. That would be boring and not very original. Every subject I select with a shoot in mind. I select based off of personality, time of day, what lighting I want to use, etc. I want it all to be different each time.
Right now, my current work is as the photographer for the Defy the Hate campaign where I am also the founder. I am using my photography to raise awareness on bullying and hate in schools around the nation. This grew out of being bullied myself in High School. I wasn’t a big kid so being picked on was easy for others. I got sick of hearing of people killing themselves over bullying and hate and decided I needed to do something about it. This has also been my biggest challenge as a photographer. I have photographed weddings, portraits, trees, models, etc, but this is bringing my photography home. Straight to my heart. Seeing others participate in this has helped a lot of people. On the other hand, because of this photo campaign I am being bullied again and challenged on the need of it. These challenges doing nothing more but make me more resolute in using my photography to make a difference in this world.

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