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Max Eberle

Naples, ID - United States

Max Eberle - Fine Artist

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About Max Eberle

Hello, I'm Max Eberle. I've been an artist since I was three and I've always been into detailed work. Even if a piece takes five months to finish, the final result is worth the wait. Because of this I choose my subject matter carefully and put lots of thought into the composition and choosing a good photograph If I'm doing a portrait. I've always liked to be inspired, and those who inspire me are worthy of painting on a large scale, so you can't miss them when you walk into the room. My friend the artist and gallery owner Nic Khoja got me into using flourescent paint back in 2000. There is something completely magical about a work of art that glows in the dark and I wanted to create works that broke the stereotype of cheesy blacklight posters and into the realm of fine art. With the right music and lighting, a work of art can transport you to another dimension altogether. My abstracts are symbolic and pertain to the human spirit reaching for it's greatest good and power.

The pool art here is a collaborative effort between my good friend and amazing artist Robert Bissett and myself. Some of the base photos he shot and some I shot. His work has been on the cover of Sky West Magazine and he is a top 100 winner in the 2008 Paint America Contest. Be sure to type his name in the search bar here on FAA and go shopping on his page. The quotes on those pieces are from my book Zen Pool, Awaken the Master Within...I am a professional pool player and instructor as well. Thank you, enjoy, and please refer as many people as you like to my FAA page.

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Awareness Zen Pool by Max Eberle


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Sitting Bull by Max Eberle


Teresa in Prayer by Max Eberle


Sexual Feeling by Max Eberle


Gandhi by Max Eberle


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Madonna by Max Eberle


The Dancer by Max Eberle


Frida Khalo by Max Eberle


We Are One by Max Eberle


John Lennon by Max Eberle

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