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MB Matthews

Cleveland Heights, Ohio - United States

MB Matthews - Fine Artist

MB Matthews

Member Since: 09/22/2012

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I hated high school. If anyone would have told me at the age of 16 I would be spending the rest of my life in high school, my black and white saddle shoes would have flown down the polished hallways of Notre Dame Academy through the chapel doors, where I would have dropped to my knees fervently praying for an abbreviated lifespan. Upon graduation, I couldn't bear the thought of any more schooling, so I hustled tips as a waitress until I could no longer bear taking the flack for incompetent cooking. The gift of good eye/hand coordination provided me with a decent portfolio when I was at the Academy, and it earned me a full ride to art school. I majored in painting, but mom was concerned I would never find a job when I graduated, and suggested I get a teaching license 'just in case that artist-thing doesn't work out' and I needed something to fall back on.

I began my teaching career in a private Catholic high school, but life and circumstances landed me in the public sector teaching high school in some of the toughest inner-city schools in one of the most impoverished cities in the country.
I loved my job.

Today, I find myself 'down-sized' along with scores of other arts teachers as our district tries to balance a budget that is hundreds of millions of dollars in the red. I think it's time to see how this artist-thing works for me. It might be something to fall back on....

Drawing and painting still make up a good portion of my work, but I also enjoy photography, and I have lots of pictures. I am fascinated by almost everything, and my subjects range from pretty to gritty, and occasionally the tragic.

Welcome to my website.

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Textures and Patterns

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Photos of natural and man-made objects that create intriguing patterns and textures, forming abstract design.

MB Matthews - Cat Tails

Cat Tails

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Driftwood


MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Metal Scrap

Metal Scrap

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Brass Scrap Metal

Brass Scrap Metal

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - CNC Mill

CNC Mill

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Scrap Spirals

Scrap Spirals

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Scap Metal Fall

Scap Metal Fall

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Machine Shop Winter
MB Matthews - Machine Coolant

Machine Coolant

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Fountain


MB Matthews

MB Matthews -  Sulfer Creek

Sulfer Creek

MB Matthews

MB Matthews - Sulfer Creek

Sulfer Creek

MB Matthews