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Meagan Christie

Climax, CO - United States








Meagan Christie

Climax, CO - United States

Meagan Christie - Fine Artist

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About Meagan Christie

Meagan Christie does not have a master’s degree in fine arts or a professional background in photojournalism to pull the fundamental elements of photography from. However, what Meagan Christie does possess is an innate ability to view current moments in time and through her photographic portrayal enable the viewer to get a sense with wonder of what it might have been like.

“ The thought of bringing history back to life or at least making people think about it,” Meagan answers when asked what motivates her.

Meagan grew up learning how to operate heavy equipment. Move earth. They are called skinners. Those beings operating tons upon tons of iron, pulling levers, pushing pedals … shaping our earth for humanities objectives and endeavors. Meagan perhaps should be granted a PhD in Liberal Arts & Humanities for all the decades she has put into studying the human condition. Her zealous analysis ranged from the seat in each piece of heavy equipment to the seat at home growing up where she devoured book after book of historic documentations and biographies. It is this passionate erudition of the human experience embraced by her analytical and realistic observations that launch each and every “ka-chick” of the shutter.

Meagan is an avid camera collector and smiles when she tells of her first camera at 7 years old and the many snapshots of her beloved grandfather obscured by little fingers. Always with at least two cameras she wanders with her spouse about the areas close to home seeking out those images that haven’t been documented time and time again. Meagan sees what you and I miss on a daily basis. Through the viewfinder her mind’s eye engages a sense of sight that permeates time capturing a moment soon to be past ... and that past relived upon … moving away fragments of the present to the muse of what might have been.

Meagan laughs as she recalls the most cherished piece of photographic advice she was given by an even greater long-gone photographer from Seattle …
“Make sure you have Costco turn off the color correction and don’t forget to stop for a hot dog on the way out!”

… this is Meagan’s photographic expression.

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