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Meaghan Troup

Mifflinburg, PA - United States








Meaghan Troup

Mifflinburg, PA - United States

Meaghan Troup - Fine Artist

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About Meaghan Troup

From the time I possessed the dexterity to pick up a crayon it was evident that art would hold a permanent and significant position in my existence. No fragment of paper found refuge from my fervent fingers and zealous imagination. This artistic affinity, creative instinct, and dynamic imagination have been refined, cultivated, and channeled over many years through education, travel and training.

As an artist, one constantly evolves through gained knowledge and life experience. Thus, art is relentlessly being shaped and altered. So it is with my work. I cannot recollect a moment when a passion for art was not embraced by my soul.

There are two pervading influences upon my work. Foremost is my personal relationship with Christ, and my faith in God and His Word. God is the master painter who tenderly and carefully places us- His strokes, on His canvas of life, in which He invested His all. Only God knows the depth of our tone, the vivacity of our character and the length of our stroke. Yet, even the most minute brushstroke possesses a significant purpose, and if the painting lacked even one, it would cease to convey the Artistís message. When I commence a work of art, I believe that in this small manner I am akin to my Creator. He generates all that exists, imparting grace, strength, and the ability to fully love. God has bestowed me with the talent and ability to reflect this through art.

The life lessons learned from an arduous battle with leukemia have also potently impacted my work because it altered the way I perceive the blessing of life. Facing the possibility of death gave me a heightened appreciation for life and a new perspective to view the world by. Many people describe my work as simultaneously vivid and peaceful- a quality that I believe stems from this experience, and also identifies each piece as unmistakably mine. The beauty that surrounds me inspires me artistically, be it a majestic landscape, an arresting smile, or the play of light and shadow across objects on a table. These aspects of life are so overlooked as we go through our daily routines.

Fully believing that one cannot know what the future holds, I welcome new opportunities, learn eagerly, and ultimately hope to touch people with my art.

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