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Merton Allen

Lauderhill, FL - United States

Merton Allen - Fine Artist

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About Merton Allen

I've been involved with photography since 1939, having been introduced to it at the 1939 New York City World's Fair. I began shooting, printing, enlarging photos since I was 10 years old. I started with an old Kodak box camera. I used springs, electrical contacts and rubberbands to rig up the box camera's shutter to synchronize it to a homemade flashbulb holder, so I could photograph babies and toddlers, for pay, in their homes. I saved my earnings to accumulate sufficient funds to purchased a Kodak 35mm camera outfit in 1944. I continued this 'business' through high school and into college.

Immediately after graduating from college I was sworn into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a Lieutenant, serving on active duty for 2 years in the U.S., Japan, and Korea. After discharge from military service I worked for several large and small companies as a research and development Chemical Engineer and Manager. I hold 22 U.S. and foreign issued patents. I also started two companies of my own. My last company, InfoTeam Inc., published and provided technical information, reports, and subscription newsletters to scientists and engineers world-wide. I also wrote and edited a quartely high-end glossy photography newsletter, 'BRONICA IMAGES' distributed by GMI Photographic Inc., Farmingdale, NY., to all North American users of Bronica cameras and accessories.

During my professional engineering career, as hobbies, I was engaged in artistic-photography and artistic-painting using a variety of media. I switched to digital photography very early on, and now I digitally paint some of my photographs on a computer using Photoshop 7. Being retired, I am now able to spend considerable time satisfying my creative side through photography.

I have in my collection of photo-art over 500 artistic photographs and digitally painted photos that I have done. My work covers a myriad of subject matter, including: florals, landscapes, animals and wildlife, birds, travel and sites, edibles, abstracts, sunsets and sky, marine life, space photos, fractals, modern art, oriental art, and more. I also use my digital camera to photograph my own original paintings, as well as old chinese art copied from the Orient's major old museums, from as far back as 90 AD. I digitally print these ancient paintings onto hand-laid special papers that contain varied textured surfaces and inclusions of metal, natural and synthetic threads, and other interesting bits and pieces.

Please view my work. All are available for sale. All images are copyright Merton Allen. Under copyright law, they may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, downloaded, altered, displayed, or redistributed without my written permission.

Thank you for looking at my photographs.

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Trumpet Creepr Flower by Merton Allen


Blue Iris by Merton Allen


Iris Blossom Opening - Chinese Style Art by Merton Allen


Pastel Chinese Floral Art by Merton Allen


Bamboo in Moonbligfht - Plasticized by Merton Allen


Chinese Collage Scene by Merton Allen


On an Antique Chinese Vase by Merton Allen


Santa is Watching by Merton Allen


Ancient Rusted Chinese Sculpture by Merton Allen


Antiqued Floral Watercolor Painting by Merton Allen


Antique Oil Painted Floral Wall Hanging by Merton Allen


The Petrified Forest Arizona by Merton Allen


Bryce Canyon by Merton Allen


Meditating in Antelope Slot Canyon Arizona by Merton Allen


The Tour Group in Antelope Slot Canyon Arizona by Merton Allen


Arches National Park Panorama by Merton Allen


The Balance of Nature by Merton Allen


Two Benches in the Park by Merton Allen


Monument Valley Arizona Landscape by Merton Allen


Monument Valley Rock Cleaving by Merton Allen


Monument Valley Arizona by Merton Allen


Red Rock and Sand of Arizona by Merton Allen


In Monument Valley Arizona by Merton Allen


In the Costa Rican Rain Forest by Merton Allen

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   |   Images = 1038





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