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Mia DeLode

Harlowton, MT - United States








Mia DeLode

Harlowton, MT - United States

Mia DeLode - Fine Artist

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About Mia DeLode

Mia DeLode is a fourth generation rancher from central Montana. Born and bred to be part of the rural west, she is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and writer of the culture, animals, people and the humor that is unique to western living. Her paintings appear in many shows and her writing has been featured in Crazy Woman Creek published by Mariner Books, a three part anthology of western women. She was given special recognition by the Montana Great Falls Historical Museum for her work titled '1890's First Responders' featuring the last working team of fire horses in the United States. Her oil paintings are bold in color and texture using thin glazes, heavy brushstrokes and palette knife. Mia's paintings evoke the emotion of the time and place and her outlook is best in her own words.

'My Grandmother supplied me with a never ending source of art supplies and the time I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. I never thought to ask why. My teachers in school were forever frustrated with papers turned in with the margin overflowing with drawings of horses, sheep and cows. They kindly did not try very hard to discourage this. I was lucky.
Night skies cluttered with stars, open range, dutch ovens, neighborhood brandings, cowboy coffee, clear water, firm handshakes, working livestock, useful horses and the list is endless of tall the parts that make the whole of this wonderful western life. I don't take it for granted. I know I was born to great way of life and believe the world would be a better place if everyone could live this way. That isn't very practical so I'd like to share what I can. Things are changing, some things for the better but lose something in the process. I feel a need to capture this, the beauty, the isolation, the spirit and, well, everything. So I had better get with it.'

If you see a painting here that you'd like a print of but it's not available, contact me and I can get you one. And, please, purchase if you like them, these works are copyrighted--all rights reserved.

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The Water Hole is Getting Mighty Shallow by Mia DeLode


Feeding Jenny Lake Plein Air by Mia DeLode


His Majesty by Mia DeLode


Shipping Dust by Mia DeLode


Valley of the Gods Plein Air by Mia DeLode


Plein Air North of Wickenburg by Mia DeLode


Topping the Ridge by Mia DeLode


Forty Winks by Mia DeLode


Passing the Torch by Mia DeLode


Glacier NP plein air one by Mia DeLode


Savoring the Winter Sun by Mia DeLode


Grab the Fast Horse by Mia DeLode


Utah by Mia DeLode


The Legend Begins by Mia DeLode


God's Country by Mia DeLode


Prickly Path by Mia DeLode


The Guardian by Mia DeLode


Harmony by Mia DeLode


Generations by Mia DeLode


Spirit Dancer by Mia DeLode


The Unredeemables by Mia DeLode


Flowers For Mom by Mia DeLode


Pino D'Angelico's The Dancer by Mia DeLode


1890's First Responders by Mia DeLode

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