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Michael Durst

Cape Town - South Africa

Michael Durst - Fine Artist

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About Michael Durst

About the Artist Dr Michael Durst:

According to the Ico Gallery in New York’s Chelsea district, “Dr. Michael Durst is an American artist, who lives and paints in Cape Town, South Africa. As a psychologist, Dr. Dust’s paintings create not only beauty for the beholder, but also a state of relaxation and healing. His work combines realism with impressionism, evoking an emotional link to the heart-thus the name: Heartscapes.

His exhibitions in New York, Cape Town, the Netherlands and India have received rave reviews and gained Dr. Durst international renown. Dr. Durst loves to paint the beauty of Cape Town--especially the Waterfront, Table Mountain, ocean views, spring flowers, and the vineyards. His Portraits, Fractal Visions and Abstracts have won First Place awards from Fine Art America as well.

ART FOR THE HEART by Hilary Benjamin, The Atlantic Sun, September, 2007
WHEN ART AND MATHS ADD UP by Wendyl Martin, The Argus, November 2011

2004-2006 Sun International Gallery, Cape Town
2008- The Blue Dolphin Gallery in the Netherlands
2009-Perspectives of Reality- Ico Gallery, New York
2010- 'The Rhythmic Figure' Ico Gallery, New York
2011-Seven Wonders of the World' Machu Picchu Gallery, India
2011-Classic Art Gallery, Waterfront Cape Town
2012-Cape Professional Artists-Kirstenbosch Garden, Cape Town
2012-Picturesque Gallery-Cape Town
2012-Gallery Africa-Waterfront- Cape Town
2012-The Bay Gallery at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town
2012-Le Franschhoek Gallery, Franschhoek, near Cape Town
2013-Gallery Africa, Cape Town
2014-Picturesque Gallery, Cape Town
2014-Gallery Africa, Cape Town

Solo Exhibitions:
2007-Heartscapes of the Cape- Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2008-Postcards from the Heart of Cape Town-Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town
2009-Magical Moments in Sea Point-Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2011-The Wonders of Fractal Art-Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2012-Best of Show-Winchester Mansions, Cape Town

2010-Cape Town Heartscapes- the works of Dr. Michael Durst
2011-The Wonders of Fractal Art

Private Collections:
In South Africa, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Chile, Turkey and the United States.

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Cape Town, - December 5th, 2012

FIRST PLACE WINNING ARTWORK ON DISPLAY AT WINCHESTER MANSIONS IN DECEMBER “Best of Show” is the title for a solo exhibition of Dr. Michael’s Durst’s artwork which opens on the 5th of December at the “Grape, Gourmet and Gallery” evening at the Winchester Mansions Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa. All of the works on display have won or been tied for First Place awards on Fine Art America, the largest online site for artists and photographers from all over the world. Over 130,000 artists have uploaded more than three and a half million images onto this site. Fine Art America sponsors contests, which asks for submissions from international artists, and then members of the public vote for their favourites. Dr. Durst has won “First Place” for dozens of his paintings and Fractal Visions. His impressionistic works have an emotional appeal and display the beauty of South Afr...

When Art And Maths Add Up

Cape Town, - November 6th, 2011

Cape Argus, The Good Weekend: November 5, 2011 IMAGINE using mathematical algorithms to create patterns for art. Known as fractal art, Cape Town artist Dr Michael Durst has been winning international awards for his work in this genre. An exhibition of his work, "The Wonders of Fractal Art", is on display at the Winchester Mansions Hotel in Sea Point. The Good Weekend visited the home of the retired psychologist to view this computer-generated work and to chat about its uniqueness. Durst says it takes from two to three days to create the patterns and then more time to add colour and light. “A year-and-a-half ago I saw it on a website. Having a ‘can do’ attitude, I decided to try it,” he said. He won first place for the work "Thought" in Fine Art America’s art competition. The work shows a detailed orb made up of numerous absorbing lines and patterns. A psych...

The Wonders Of Fractal Art

Cape Town, - November 6th, 2011

“THE WONDERS OF FRACTAL ART” An Exciting Art Exhibit at the Winchester Mansions in Sea Point, Cape Town Fractal Artist, Dr. Michael Durst, explores the interplay of form, energy and light at a solo exhibition at the Winchester Mansions in Sea Point, Cape Town. Durst uses texture, pattern and colour to reveal the infinite visual depth and immense detail, inviting the viewer to plunge into an imaginary world of striking beauty. You can view his Fractal Paintings at the Winchester Mansions Hotel from November 2 to December 3, 2011. You can view all Dr. Durst’s fractal art work, as well as his beautiful impressionistic paintings of Cape Town, on his web site: www.HeartscapePaintings.com