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Michael Kulick

Citrus Springs, FL - United States








Michael Kulick

Citrus Springs, FL - United States

Michael Kulick - Fine Artist

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About Michael Kulick

Michael Kulick
Michael Kulick is an eclectic,up and coming contemporary artist based in New York. A self–taught painter,Kulick has also worked in sculpture, woodworking and drawing. His most recent works,made primarily in oil paint,titter back and forth between traditional portraits inspired by the artist’s appreciation for the master painters of the Italian Renaissance and abstract expressionist works that resonate with Pollock and the New School. Using his work as means of self-­‐expression,bits and pieces of Kulick’s character and soul can be found in between rich line work and the highly textured surfaces of his paintings. Painting, for him, is equivalent to conversation. Kulick communicates to his audiences his familiarity with art, growth, love, emotion and most of all passion. An artist of true passion, Michael Kulick creates works not for himself, but for everyone and everything he encounters and holds dear. Despite his resilient preference for oil painting, Kulick is not shy to other mediums. Kulick’s artistic experience includes but is not limited to acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, wood, clay, and latex. Kulick exemplifies the dynamic nature of today’s ultra modern and eccentric society. Inspired by a wide variety of genres, influenced by a plethora of artists, Kulick steadily keeps his mind and his palette wide open. Michael Kulickwas born in Whitestone NY. A native New Yorker, Michael currently resides in New York after spending majority of his later childhood and young adult years in South Carolina. The duality of his experience -­‐ growing up both a northern and a southerner -­‐ emanates from his works. He is deeply inspired by both the fast, dynamic life of NYC and the relaxed, passionate nature of the South. Kulick intends on moving to back to southeastern United States where he will further extend his journey as a life long creator of his love, his passion, his art. Kulick has exhibited work at the Soapstone Gallery in Brooklyn, NY

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Lion's Third Roar by Michael Kulick


Andy Warhol Tribute 58 by Michael Kulick


The Dream by Michael Kulick


Abraham Lincoln by Michael Kulick


King of Kings by Michael Kulick


The Singularity by Michael Kulick


Mona Lisa by Michael Kulick


Nosferatu by Michael Kulick


The Black death by Michael Kulick


Royal by Michael Kulick


Death Of The Nephilim King by Michael Kulick


Vlad The Impaler by Michael Kulick


The Death Of The Nephilim King by Michael Kulick


Camelot Falls by Michael Kulick


Suspension by Michael Kulick


Bed Of Flowers by Michael Kulick


Kurt Vonnegut by Michael Kulick


The Shining by Michael Kulick


Marilyn Monroe by Michael Kulick


Ed Gein by Michael Kulick


Wrath by Michael Kulick


Psychotic by Michael Kulick


Honeymoon by Michael Kulick


The Art Of Abstraction by Michael Kulick

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