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Michael Lee

Alpharetta, GA - United States








Michael Lee

Alpharetta, GA - United States

Michael Lee - Fine Artist

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About Michael Lee

Michael began to develop his creativity and artistic talent at a very young age. Once he learned to draw and color, Michael knew he had found his passion in life. During high school, Michael began to evolve under the guidance of his Commercial Art Instructor, Lillian B. Brooks and Michael credits the teachings of his mentor, Ms. Brooks, for all of the successes he has enjoyed.

Following graduation from high school, Michael attended The Art Institute of Atlanta where he earned his degree in visual arts. Upon graduation, Michael began his career as an illustrator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Over the course of the last twenty years, Michaels vision of a career as an artist never strayed. Michael has earned the recognition from his colleagues in varied positions as an illustrator, graphic designer, & marketing manager. It is no surprise that Michael’s creative talents have been recognized by numerous awards throughout his career.

After working for over twenty years in corporate America, Michael decided to channel his energy in another direction. Without the inspiration and support of his wife Shelly, Michael would have never embarked on this journey. Following his childhood philosophy, Michael decided to focus his ambition on fine arts. Michael spends most of his days in his studio creating oil and acrylic paintings, as well as pastels and pen and ink illustrations. Michaels signature style is his use of bold colors and strong brush strokes throughout his paintings. The method Michael uses to capture movement is best described as poetry in motion on the canvas. Michaels pastels exude the skills he developed as an illustrator.

Since his creativity outside of the fine arts genre has been so much of a part of Michaels life, Michael plans to continue to balance his career as a fine artist and freelance designer. Michael resides in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife Shelly his son Christopher and the studio manager an Australian Shepard named Sierra. Michael's work can be seen during art festivals throughout the southeast and select galleries. Visit www.michaelleedesign.net for a current list of shows and galleries.

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