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Michal Shimoni

Zichron Yaakov, ISRAEL - Israel








Michal Shimoni

Zichron Yaakov, ISRAEL - Israel

Michal Shimoni - Fine Artist

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About Michal Shimoni

Welcome to my website :-)

I view my art as a means of healing, growth and prosperity.
I wish to create harmonious, empowering and uplifting images
that will help create a supporting and
Encouraging environment for all.

I have found out that my paintings not only bring beauty
to people’s lives, but they can also strengthen them
in specific issues.

My art speaks through universal symbols and motifs that
influence the subconscious.

Through my traveling and exhibitions around the world.
And the responses I’ve received I realized that we have the
power to influence our subconscious with the help of art


Bela Paz
For me, your paintings are the most
beautiful and precious items…
It feels like your inspiration accompanies me
and is pleasant to me.
The energy of your paintings gently echoes throughout
the house and has given me the
sense of home that I so needed.

Gaya Ariel
I just hung it on the wall. There was no problem at all.
It really excites me. I grew up on art,
my sister is a gifted painter;
I was in Italy and saw all the great painters.
But I’ve never loved a painting this much.
You touched me in a very profound place with this
peacocky phoenix!!!!

As a Feng Shui artist I introduce many of these
paintings to my clients,
And whoever acquires your paintings
celebrates and praises your art.
The paintings convey a sense of openness,
prosperity, harmony, and love –
indeed these are the energies of the painter.

Thank you so much
You will always be in my heart for that…
And also for whom you are.
Thank you!

Caladan gallery

There is a long history of respect for the flourishing of all life
in the painting of the Eastern traditions.
Michal Shimoni is a direct artistic descendant of these
Eastern masters, acutely aware of the power of observation.
The awareness of the beauty of the world in its
entirety is captured in these tender compositions.
The hand and eye of the artist walks together,
culminating in the personalization of recognition,
which is what remains the legacy of the artist amidst a l
ong lineage of inspiration.


Dear Michal,
A month ago I received two beautiful painting of yours
– Swans and Love birds.
I would like to thank you for both of them, I really love them.
They have this tenderness, fantasy, and harmonious balance
that makes me feel good,
Just like music or an exquisite fragrance,
they penetrate my heart.

Thankfully yours,

Schools & Exhibitions
Avni art school, Israel - 1979 , 1987

Art Academy of Ramat Gan , Israel - 1984

College of Marin - with Carol Levy, U.S.A - 1993-1994
Hamidrasha Academy for art teachers, Ramat Hasharon ,Israel- 1996-1998
Israel Academy of Feng Shui with Shoam Wiseman- 2002 - 2006
where she got the inspiration to paint Feng Shui symbols


Second salon, Business Art 'Nude and Erotica'
14-17 Oct. 2010
L'Espace Pierre Cardin ,Paris,France
For an invitation press here>>>

Salon D'art Contemporain Nature - Animaux
22 au 25 Avril 2010 au Casino Palm Beach, pointe Croisette, CANNES

'Muse' - Jaffa Museum. 2-24/1/10
G'erar Bachar gallery - Jerusalem . group show 29/12/09-12/1/10
'Poetry in art ' - Winner of that exhibition. Dec 09 Israel
Secret artist 4 - Participation was the price of 'Poetry in art '
Dec. 2009. Tel Aviv

Imagination 2009 - Hapoalim Bank, Tel Aviv
22,2,2007 - Fundraising exhibition
for victims of terrorism
The Jewish center- 131 w86 st. Ny.Ny
'Amaroo 2006' - Group show
Sept. 2006
Ivory's rock conference center, Queensland , Australia

Israeli artists group show - Chantal gallery.
895 Shotwell st. San Francisco - November 1992

Sheva - 7 Louie paster, Jaffa, Israel- May1999

Open house event Pardes Hana Karkur - Israel- April 2003-2004-2005

Unico gallery - Kastra art center Israel- 2003-2005
'Open house' at Niva Lev's, Ramat Aviv, Israel.- Nov. 2003

Bait Daniel , Tel Aviv- Nov. 2003
Twin buldings - Ramat Gan -Nov 2004
Min Hon le Hon - Arabs and Jewish artist group show- September 2005
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Surender by Michal Shimoni


Girl and dog by Michal Shimoni


Voyage by Michal Shimoni


Moon by Michal Shimoni


All is well by Michal Shimoni


Communication by Michal Shimoni


Waiting by Michal Shimoni


Zebra Reflection by Michal Shimoni


Black and White in the unified field by Michal Shimoni


Zebra by Michal Shimoni


White Hibiscus by Michal Shimoni


Red Iris 2 by Michal Shimoni


White Iris by Michal Shimoni


Rain of peace by Michal Shimoni


Dream time by Michal Shimoni


Ocean of mercy by Michal Shimoni


Bllisful Gratitude by Michal Shimoni


Wild woman by Michal Shimoni


Oriental Window 2 by Michal Shimoni


Elephants familly by Michal Shimoni


Love by Michal Shimoni


Orchid by Michal Shimoni


Golden boy -Greeting card by Michal Shimoni


Pink Calla by Michal Shimoni

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