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Michele Mule'

Lodi, lodi - Italy

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About Michele Mule'

Since my childhood I have tried to 'make photos'. First I used a Voigtlander camera, substituted by an Olympus OM10 as soon as I grow up and had the possibility to buy one.

With it, I discovered the world of reflex cameras. I used colour slides films mainly and some black/white films. Slides were less expensive, and were 'magic' when projected on the wall!.

For special effects, I used plug-in filters, on some of which were possible to 'paint' with fingers, applying some colour gelatine..... together with some 'trick', this was the only way to manipulate subjects I was shooting.

By practising trekking and canyoning for many years, I improved love for Nature and landscapes that were my preferred themes, therefore I was not worried to carry with me cameras, lenses and tripod wherever I have been.

After a long creative pause, I turned into digital photography only since few years, after I ceased to distrust digital cameras.

The extreme flexibility of digital and actual post-production techniques, brought me to explore that zones where 'pure' photography ends but gives raw stuff where to find and select some usually 'hidden' aspects, an 'alter' objective reality that needs some visionary instinct to be revealed to my eyes. Results are simply images, where the 'sign' get importance over the technique , the meaning (or the absence of it ) over the pixel-perfection, evocation over details.

This exploration, still in progress, is generating most of my last works, for which I am using a non formal approach, aiming more to 'feeling' the imagine than the 'technique' in capturing it.

Many of last new imagines therefore, were caught and manipulated with a 'famous brand' smart phone that I carry with me everywhere, with resignation of 'purists', and with no need of expensive (and glitzy) cameras and lenses, useful in other contests, as iam not producing imagines for National Geographic's and intentions are different.

Often, after these full photo-techno-minimal immersions, with echoes of William Eggleston and influences by Italian Vaccari, I came back to my reflex.

The weight, mass, dimensions and the way how it works itself, push me to enter in a different mood to catch images, and interpreting light, depending on the moment and everything return in a more natural and descriptive mood, less abstract, but perhaps, not more 'real' than my experimental way.

Since I am not in any pushing commercial chain, (although works exposed are symbolically priced) I am free to produce artworks that have not to be 'popular' at all costs, but I am satisfied when sometime, a magic meeting between inner creation and average sense of aesthetic do happens.

Any time, your comments or critiques are welcomed , because they helps to evolve. Thank you!

Enjoy the visions.
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