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Michelle H

Thomaston, GA - United States

Michelle H - Fine Artist

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I specialize in Fractal Art, though I also enjoy doing traditional art, and photography. I've been involved in making fractal art for close to seven years now, and mainly use Ultra Fractal. Sometimes I'll use Apophysis, or combine UF and Apophysis, as well. My photography is mostly of nature, of God's created world. I am a Born-Again Christian, and give God glory for the beauty He's created! I also believe that fractal mathematics, known as recursive geometry, had a great deal to do with how He created everything....after all, since He's the Creator of ALL of it, He's also the Creator of the mathematics! Just look at all the fractals in nature: shorelines, flowers, trees, even a head of broccoli is a perfect example. So I give God praise that He's given me the talent for making fractal art, as well as photography!

Thank you so much for visiting my gallery, and I hope you enjoy seeing what you find! If you have any questions about how to make fractal art using Ultra Fractal, their website may be found here: http://www.ultrafractal.com

Well, here it is, folks....all that legalese....PLEASE READ, AND HEED, since I'd sure hate to have to get my lawyer after anybody...and yes, I do actually have a good friend who's a lawyer!
ALL art and photography on my pages have been created by ME, and I retain FULL copyright priviledges! If you see anything that you feel you must use on your own site, please contact me first, and we'll work something out. I'm a reasonable sort, if treated kindly and respectfully! Remember, the Golden Rule does NOT say 'Do unto others, and then split!'
Copyright by Michelle P. Henry (autumngirldesigns.com) 2012-2015

Feb. 2012
updated in May 2015

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Of Earth And Water by Michelle H


Jewel by Michelle H


Dancing In Autumn by Michelle H


Crowded by Michelle H


A Splash Of Colors by Michelle H


Tye Dyed To Infinity by Michelle H


Towers And Patterns by Michelle H


Wooden Lock by Michelle H


Jewels Of Autumn by Michelle H


Rock Walkers by Michelle H


Connected by Michelle H


Reflective by Michelle H


Autumn At The Thunderball Dome by Michelle H


Fractal Within A Fractal by Michelle H


Amazing Construct by Michelle H


Cavernous by Michelle H


Candle by Michelle H


Beautiful Space Junk by Michelle H


Dude This Stuff Is Weird by Michelle H


An Autumn Kind Of Summer by Michelle H


Liquidity by Michelle H


Brownian by Michelle H


Julia The Florist by Michelle H


Autumn Sunshine by Michelle H


Burgundy Royale by Michelle H


A Look Inside by Michelle H


Gems Unearthed by Michelle H


Grain Harvest by Michelle H


Chocolate Berry Burst by Michelle H


Floralina by Michelle H


Elegance by Michelle H


Confetti Pastel by Michelle H


Take A Bow by Michelle H


Strawberry Lemonade by Michelle H


Coastal Summer by Michelle H


Pretty Gnarly by Michelle H


Gala by Michelle H


Seafoam Spring by Michelle H


Breakfast At Mandy's by Michelle H


Creamsicle Mint by Michelle H


Spiral S'mores by Michelle H


Zinnia by Michelle H


Curl Around by Michelle H


As In A Dream by Michelle H


Barely Dusk by Michelle H


A Flair For The Dramatic by Michelle H


A Flair For The Dramatic 2 by Michelle H


Playing Dress Up by Michelle H

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