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Michelle Milano

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Michelle Milano - Fine Artist

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Michelle Milano's Photography can be found published in:

Book, Artists Blue Book, 34,000 North American Artists, 479pgs, 2005

Website, Askart, The Artist's Worldwide Edition, Art, Prices, Paintings, 2005

Magazine, Birds and Booms Magazine 2005

Magazine, Birds and Bloom Magazine Gift Card Set 2006

Book Cover, Quotable Dogs by Milly Brown, 2006, 94pgs

Book, Secret Lives of Dolphins by Julia Barnes, 2007, 32pgs

Book, The Arkansas Journey Hardcover, Dr. Trey Berry 2007

Website, Fantastic Farm and Country Photos Website 2007

Book, All Dogs Have ADHD by Kathy Hoopmann 2008

Website, The Connected Lawyer website, 2011

Website, All Twitter, MediaBistro, 2011

Magazine, Weird New Jersey Magazine, 2012

Book, What Are Rights and Responsibilities? Leslie Harper 2012

Website, 'Arsenic Lobster' Poetry, August 2014

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Learn more about Photographer Michelle Milano, read her bio below:

Michelle Milano is a self taught artist of 30 years. Her photography examples show life on the East Coast, sharing scenes from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. She is a listed artiist as well as a published photographer. Some of her works can be found under her alias 'Rosespetal'.

Michelle enjoys the works of Salvador Dali, Joan Miro', Alexander Calder, and Pablo Picasso. She is in awe by Salvador Dali's work and with the funds from her first few sold paintings purchased an assortment of Dali woodcuts and illustrated books.

Michelle Milano has paintings which reside from NY to England, Holland to Germany all the way over to Japan. Her work is in private collections across the globe. In her prime of painting, two different restaurants displayed her work, one in Florida, the other in California. She is a self taught artist, and has won many contests throughout the years for her work. An example of her work is published in 'The Artist's Bluebook, 34,000 North American Artists', 2005 as well as on websites like www.Askart.com. She has logged each painting and photograph for her records.

Michelle is known mostly in the art world for her whimsical Weimaraner, Poodle, cat and martini paintings as well as her large 4 to 5 foot floral or abstract murals. Many of her abstract paintings portray subjects with large eyes, elongated neck and arms in a surrealistic setting. After reaching her 1000th painting, she began picking up the camera alongside the paintbrush, and began focus on photography.

In recent years, Michelle volunteers her time at a wildlife sanctuary as a sub-permittee for the state in Wildlife Rehabilitation. When she is not able to volunteer, she spends her time helping to raise money for the sanctuary, as well as help out with their Facebook Fan Page. Michelle has raised wildlife, as well as domestic animals all of her life. She enjoys nature and pet photography best of all.

Michelle Milano's photography has been published in magazines, books and displayed on merchandise throughout the world. She is best known for her nature and animal photography although the subject matter spans even farther within her portfolio which can be viewed at http://www.MichelleMilano.ArtistWebsites.com

Her photos can be found displayed on a number of private and commercial websites. In recent years she has spent her free time expanding her portfolio with portraits of animals she has raised, cared for and released into the wild, along with trekking in the forest photographing untouched wildlife. She is inspired by trying to capture an animals primal nature and energy, at times also driven to share their human like expressions, actions and personalities.

Michelle Milano also creates hand sculpted fairy orbs, each one of a kind fairies within a glass ball, signed and numbered in limited editions. She enjoys the intricate detail as well as working on three-dimensional pieces. She has created them for over ten years and continues to make them for only a few months per year.

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