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Mick Anderson - Fine Artist

Mick Anderson

Grants Pass, OR - United States








Mick Anderson

Grants Pass, OR - United States

Mick Anderson - Fine Artist

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February 1st, 2012







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About Mick Anderson

While in college, Mick had the opportunity to work at St. Mary Lodge at the east entrance to Glacier National Park in Montana. It was in this magical place where he met several fellow students from other parts of the country who would change the direction of his life by introducing Mick to nature, the mountains, the guitar and singing, fly fishing, writing music, hiking, and -- most importantly -- the Single Lens Reflex camera! He had a chance to play with Pentacon, Yashica, Pentax, Nikon and other brands, leading cameras of the day. It opened up a whole new way of looking at the world, and started a hobby that quickly grew into a passion that has stood the test of many years. His first “real” camera was a Yashica “Electro-35” range-finder camera, which was followed quickly by a Fuji SLR featuring a Pentax screw-mount lens system, manual flashes, and a “semi-automatic” metering system -- which meant that Mick pretty much had to figure out exposures the “old fashioned” way of calculating aperture and shutter speed based on film speed and the lighting conditions of the moment. These lessons have served him well to this day, even with “auto everything” availability built into just about every camera available. Having an “eye” for photography and light is what sets Mick apart from many others!

The business of Mick’s Photography started in the summer of 1989 while living in Paradise, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It quickly grew to be one of the most popular wedding photography companies in the area. With Nikon film cameras in hand, Mick moved to Florence, Oregon, in January of 1996. Note to anyone considering a move in the dead of winter... don’t do it! Mick’s Photography quickly became the premier wedding photography business in western Lane County with newly acquired Canon film cameras, while the coast and mountains of Oregon brought out the true passion of his photography. He found beauty in the environment in all seasons of the year. He and his camera would often come home drenched but happy! Finally, another move in 2000 placed him in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, and there he is to this day.

In 2005 the film cameras gave way to the world of digital photography, and Mick hasn't looked back. With his Sony a77ii in hand, he now has freedoms and abilities that were only dreams in the age of film. New technologies combined with old-fashioned photographic sense are the driving forces behind the current incarnation of Mick’s Photography. More recently a hidden talent for the pen and brush have infused a new direction in his art. Keep watching!

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Alvarez in Autumn by Mick Anderson


The Spirit of Music by Mick Anderson


Fall Music and Persimmons by Mick Anderson


Autumn Guitar by Mick Anderson


Welcome To Your Oregon Vacation Home by Mick Anderson


Metolious Flow by Mick Anderson


Fly Fishing Only by Mick Anderson


Headwaters of the Metolious by Mick Anderson


Christmas In The Square by Mick Anderson


Caveman Bridge at Sunset by Mick Anderson


Colorful Mammatus Cloud by Mick Anderson


Waiting For The Wind by Mick Anderson


Montana High Country Jeep Trail by Mick Anderson


Mammatus Storm Cloud by Mick Anderson


Sunburst Through Raywood Ash by Mick Anderson


Berry Mellow Cello by Mick Anderson


Red Red Maple Leaves by Mick Anderson


Persimmons Ready For Harvest by Mick Anderson


Stringing An Autumn Song by Mick Anderson


Cello In A Maple Tree by Mick Anderson


Mandolin Sound Explosion by Mick Anderson


Mandolin Power by Mick Anderson


Mandolin and Persimmon by Mick Anderson


Mandolin Autumn II by Mick Anderson


Mandolin Autumn by Mick Anderson


Mandolin 1 by Mick Anderson


Good Morning Sunshine by Mick Anderson


Lodge Patriarch by Mick Anderson


Perfect Evening on the Rogue by Mick Anderson


Western Montana High Country by Mick Anderson


Red and Green by Mick Anderson


Let The Sun Shine Through by Mick Anderson


Thoughts Of Temptation And Perception by Mick Anderson


Rogue Valley Autumn Afternoon by Mick Anderson


Autumn Sky by Mick Anderson


Cirrocumulus Sky by Mick Anderson


My Cute Corgi in Autumn by Mick Anderson


Coopers Hawk by Mick Anderson


My Waters Given For You by Mick Anderson


St Mary Valley by Mick Anderson


Montana Chatterbox by Mick Anderson


Bull Lake Afternoon by Mick Anderson


Sometimes A Harsh Wind Blows by Mick Anderson


What All The Buzz Is About by Mick Anderson


Buckeye Butterfly on Heath Aster by Mick Anderson


Heath Aster and the Waterfall by Mick Anderson


Glacier Park Wildflowers by Mick Anderson


Glacier Park Red Bus Tour by Mick Anderson

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