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Mike Grubb

North Bloomfield, OH - United States








Mike Grubb

North Bloomfield, OH - United States

Mike Grubb - Fine Artist

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About Mike Grubb

Mike (Michael) Grubb is an American artist who paints in various Mediums and styles of art. Mike is internationally recognized and has sold his artwork throughout North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and various other regions. Mike has been featured in magazines, the world news, websites, news articles, gallery, and many other types of press. Mike is a licensed artist and his artwork is sold on various products. Mike, unlike many other artists, paints in various styles and mediums consisting of: Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Charcoal, Digital, photography, and Mixed Media. His styles vary from modern, contemporary, impressionism, realism, abstract, pop art, whimsical, urban grunge, and other styles. His goal is to inspire people through his art and in return help others find something meaningful in each original piece. To learn more, visit Mike on the web and join his mailing list.


'Inspiration can only be accepted by those willing to inspire their mind and heart.' Michael Grubb
'By inspiring your mind, body, and soul; you can create a masterpiece as beautiful and brilliant as yourself. ' Michael Grubb

Customers interested in custom artwork, please e-mail me at mgrubb4@kent.edu
Mailing List:
If you would like to be on my mailing list, please send me an email with your information (first name or full, email address, if you are an artist a gallery or an art collector, or if you are interested in my art or art in general). You'll be contacted occasionally regarding web site changes or if there's important art information to share with you. The mailing list is for my use only and it will not be sold, given, or rented to anyone.

Web Site - http://mikegrubbfineart.yolasite.com
Interview- Mike Grubb RAW Interview
Deviant Art- http://michaelgrubb.deviantart.com/

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Blossoms In The Wind by Mike Grubb


Flying to Heaven by Mike Grubb


Passion of the Cross by Mike Grubb


Julius Caesar by Mike Grubb


Beautifully Broken by Mike Grubb


The sadness in humanity by Mike Grubb


Nelson Mandela by Mike Grubb


Last Breath of Jesus by Mike Grubb


Man of Sorrows by Mike Grubb


Forsaken by Mike Grubb


Forsaken 2 by Mike Grubb


Lonely Heart by Mike Grubb


Bubbles by Mike Grubb


Bioluminescence by Mike Grubb


Spiral Galaxy by Mike Grubb


Melting in Ink by Mike Grubb


Forest by Mike Grubb


Fire and Rain by Mike Grubb


Blue Heron by Mike Grubb


Galaxy Unkown by Mike Grubb


My Heart Beats For You by Mike Grubb


Guiding Light by Mike Grubb


Dancing In The Moonlight by Mike Grubb


Cherry Blossom Dreams by Mike Grubb


Evolution Of Music by Mike Grubb


Tears of Jesus by Mike Grubb


Crying Panda by Mike Grubb


Red Bliss by Mike Grubb


Birds Of The Sun by Mike Grubb


Yellow Galaxy by Mike Grubb


Deep Blue Sea by Mike Grubb


Sea Of Aurora by Mike Grubb


Under The Microscope by Mike Grubb


Marilyn Monroe 2 by Mike Grubb


Last Breath of Jesus 5 by Mike Grubb


Purple Bubbles by Mike Grubb


Circles by Mike Grubb


Red Bubbles by Mike Grubb


Green Bubbles by Mike Grubb


Rambo III by Mike Grubb


Love Is Forever by Mike Grubb


Marilyn Monroe's Colors by Mike Grubb


Moonlight Sea by Mike Grubb


Sea of storms by Mike Grubb


Butterfly Tears 2 by Mike Grubb


Madonna by Mike Grubb


Sea of colors by Mike Grubb


Trevor Hall by Mike Grubb

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