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Mike Sexton

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Mike Sexton

Junction City, KS - United States

Mike Sexton - Fine Artist

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About Mike Sexton

My name's Mike Sexton. I'm a self-taught digital artist as well as graphic designer so I like to work in many different mediums. I've been sketching,drawing,doodling since I was a little kid but I must confess that I didn't pursue art as a career choice until a few years ago. I took my skills at drawing on paper and sketching to a new medium- digital painting about 5 years ago. At first I only did so for fun & as a stress reliever but now it's my passion & profession.
I use mostly a program called Paint Shop Pro & my graphic tablet to do my work; many seem to feel that Photo Shop is the better program to go with but I have to disagree; I think it's more the dedication of the artist and their own hard work rather than a specific program causing an artist's success. To me that's no different than saying that only a certain brand of paint will allow an artist to succeed as an oil painter, watercolor painter, etc.
I have always had a huge fascination & love for Egyptian mythology and their ancient culture and this is expressed quite a bit in my work. I do not only paint mythological images though; I also enjoy painting ancient buildings like the Light House of Alexandria for example. Dragons are also a very big interest for me; I mean where else will you have an animal with such cool features that blends parts of many different real animals- from the wings to the body of a reptile. As a major animal & environmental rights advocate I also enjoy painting wildlife scenes as well as domestic pet paintings; sometimes I stick with reality regarding their use and sometimes I'll give the animal a little bit of a human touch- whatever inspires me at the time.
While selling my artwork as both prints & also on merchandise in my online stores, I also design websites for private clients and take on freelance assignments to help pay the bills; artists, we all know how it is to make ends meet.
MY gosh, The contest is now officially over and thanks to everyone's votes I can happily announce that I won first place!!! I won by 104 votes and for all of you who voted for me every day and as often as you could, I must say a sincere and heart-felt thank you; without all of you I wouldn't have done it, especially when I fell behind a couple of times during the contest; thank you so much. Here's the link in case you wish to see all the final tallies .


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Stellar Sea Eagle Island by Mike Sexton

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