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Mikki Alhart

Lompoc, CA - United States








Mikki Alhart

Lompoc, CA - United States

Mikki Alhart - Fine Artist

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About Mikki Alhart

Doing everything later in life is the best thing I could have done. Mikki Alhart is mostly a self-taught artist with lifetime mentors, teachers and accomplished artists, being my mother and, sister. Having been a commercial and residential interior designer for seventeen years, followed by twenty one years working as a counselor was my training for the insights and fervor of my artwork today. Little did I know that by being given the rare privilege of having a glimpse of others souls that it would teach me how to illuminate the beauty of ordinary scenes. That is how my artwork received its title of Visual Meditations. I passionately create from a very different vantage point than exact realism in that it is the emotion and song of art that means the most to me.

My careers outside the art world diverted my attention for many years. I have been driven by a long awaited passion to express in a multitude of mediums the creative spirit of my soul. Searching for and finding that beauty is so awesome, it is beyond description.

My paintings reflect the romance and beauty of nature which inspires the soul. I am endlessly searching to show the tie between my subjects and my heart. The poetry of how I see the work is what allows my viewers to connect personally with my paintings.

The success of my artwork has become possible through my partner, husband, best friend and co-creator of the New Hope Center, Paul Alhart. Paul is the photographer, choreographer, builder & designer of custom frames, web master and business manager. Our separate talents and passions make for an awe-inspiring creation of the beauty that we see in our lives. The magic of the beauty we create is a concert of harmony, peace, love, serenity and we hope each and every viewer is invited to experience their own Visual Meditation.

The artwork of Visual Mediations, artist Mikki Alhart can be viewed at our web site alhartenterprises.com. and the Town Center Gallery, Santa Maria and Cypress Gallery in Lompoc. Mikki & Paul are members of the El Camino Art Association, Los Padres Artist Guild and The Lompoc Valley Art Association.

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Floral Frenzy by Mikki Alhart


Bahama Beach by Mikki Alhart


Sedona Summer by Mikki Alhart


Aqua Maiden Collage by Mikki Alhart


New World by Mikki Alhart


Laughing Dolphins by Mikki Alhart


Fall Harvest by Mikki Alhart


Peaceful Paradise by Mikki Alhart


Appleblossom by Mikki Alhart


Tea Party by Mikki Alhart


Clown by Mikki Alhart


Fall Falling by Mikki Alhart


Winter Solace by Mikki Alhart


Melville Magic II by Mikki Alhart


Poppies Passing by Mikki Alhart


O'Keefe Inspiration by Mikki Alhart


Venetian Masks by Mikki Alhart


Gale in My Salie by Mikki Alhart


Tropical Twosome by Mikki Alhart


Grapes Extravaganza by Mikki Alhart


Moonlight In a Wine Glass by Mikki Alhart


Bridlewood Brunch by Mikki Alhart


Archway to Elegance by Mikki Alhart


Bridlewood Estates by Mikki Alhart

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