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Milton Gore

Sunset Beach, NC - United States








Milton Gore

Sunset Beach, NC - United States

Milton Gore - Fine Artist

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About Milton Gore

Since early in his life, Milton Gore has taken a vast interest in art. As a child he was determined that one day he would be a part of the art world. As he grew up he became fonder of art in our society. Even though Milton liked the “art world” there was a time that he strayed away from his creativity. When he became a junior in high school, he was introduced to a Master of art named Shelia Vaught, who taught him different techniques and skills for drawing. She reopened his mind to art and allowed him to reveal the artist that he had hidden for so long. After achieving these skills he began to create portraits for people using pencil as his main medium. After graduating from high school he attended Brunswick Community College. At BCC Milton attained his Associates in Fine Arts and transferred to the University of North Carolina Pembroke. Over this period of time he created many portraits for different people trying to capture different expressions, and allow viewers to have a different mood when observing his pictures. His pictures should be considered original, and he mainly uses pencil as his medium, but also uses colored pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal. His main focus is drawing many famous people such as actors, musicians, public leaders, black history icons, sports icons, along with others that have had a positive impact in our society. Milton is still currently attending UNCP under the Bachelors of Art Degree with a concentration of Graphic Design, and with a secondary concentration of Drawing. He expanded his talents by creating his own business called MG Visual Arts where he aids others in providing advertisements and flyers, brochures, web designs and more for their businesses. He also continues to sketch portraits and make posters, design tattoos, edit videos or anything else that is of his customer’s interest. Milton works as a Graphic Designer for a group called ACE, which hosts most of the events at UNCP, and has his own business called MG Visual Arts. He has been in many different contests and has featured his art in the North Carolina Community College Art Exhibit.
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