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Miraflores, Lima - Peru








Mily Iriarte

Miraflores, Lima - Peru

Mily Iriarte - Fine Artist

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About Mily Iriarte

I grew up in a family where the arts runs in our blood, my mother, my aunt, at least 4 of my cousins, and both of my grandmothers danced; on my mother side there are writers, painters and of course folk dancers, on my father side: writers and my grandmother danced Marinera of Lima (an staple of traditional music of Lima)

When I was younger I grew up watching my oldest Brother painting things around the house…I mean around the house (even the walls) my mother gave us freedom for our creativity, therefore some walls became art pieces in the house. I tried my shared of painting but it always became an abstract, making me come to the conclusion that maybe painting wasn't my thing although I enjoyed oil painting very much.

I think I was 14 when I grabbed my father’s cannon and took a picture of a sunset, and then another and another… at 16 I tried to do drawing, but it always came back to abstracts… that only I was able to understand … At age 18 I sent a picture of one of my sunsets to a contest, and I won, and it got published and I got a cute little framed diploma with a little copy of the picture… but I never took the time to dedicate myself to photographs…

By the time I turned 19 I was part of two folk dance teams I had quit going to competitions but I was dancing almost 20 hours a week, in college and with no time for pictures, but dancing a lot. Arts are a part of my life, whether is dancing or taking pictures, in the case of dancing, I dance since I have memory (and a picture of me at 1 and a half with a handkerchief in my hand dancing, helps the memory as well).

At 20 with the help of my best friend I began to make jewelry, and to my amazement, it became a very profitable thing to do, by age 21 I have gotten married and moved to Louisiana in the US, where my jewelry creation process actually grew, it was a very small thing though… nothing that I had the time to do 24/7.

It is in Louisiana that my pictures take a different route, the southern houses, the cemeteries in New Orleans, the forest, the sky, everything around me, wanted to be in my pictures (according to me). And it happened, I went back to college, finished my B.A. in geography, with the change of cameras to digital, I never had the time to transfer some of my most precious pictures to the new medium; nevertheless I believe that some of my newest pictures describe my style better.

I joined the community of Fine Art America ( after the 4th person had requested a copy of one of my pictures to be able to frame it. I had stop making jewelry (except for my mother, and some close friends). I never had a very expensive camera, and never thought about it as a business, to take picture of people and families or anything like that, I have always taken pictures of what I think is beautiful and save them for me.

Now at 32, Back in Lima after a year in Salt Lake City, and with several of my pictures already sold, I thought it would be a good time to publish some of my favorite pieces of art, My art. See I have never been great at writing even though I have a blog ( or realistic painting (even though I enjoy the painting process), but I know I can dance! (have videos to prove it!! ( and take pictures!, and I would love to share my art.

This is a new chapter, and a very interesting turn in my life, but I am ready to show finally what I love to do. Enjoy!

All photographs and artworks in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Mily Iriarte-Ahon. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from Mily Iriarte-Ahon is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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