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Lausanne, VD - Switzerland

Mirko Gallery - Fine Artist

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About Mirko Gallery

Always needed to draw, paint, materialize feelings into something that I could see or touch. Turning my moods into colors and drawings motivates everything that I do...

Was born in west Africa, where I went to French school, then I moved to Switzerland in my dad's family. At about 8 years old, after watching 'The Sleeping Beauty', I drew all seven dwarfs on my room's wall and of course 'Snow White'. I wanted my own 'Blanche Neige'. I was pretty sure my parents would punish me, but... Surprisingly, no! That was my 1st, kind of, display of my need of expression by drawing anything, on anything. I am grateful to my parents for being so understanding!

Everything my eyes loved had to come out!

Larousse Artist Dictionary : http://www.guidarts.com/artistes/index.php?Mode=2&id=19057&lang=fr
Website (need updating!!) : http://mirko-art.kazeo.com/

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Work in progress... 1

November 30th, 2012

Wahhh... Sure I could have finished this last night... But I just like the vibes, the unfinished way of this. It leaves you free to imagine the rest of it. So I'm just looking at it, hesitating! Should I continue with my primary idea, or follow my ne... 

Paintings by Mirko

November 29th, 2012

Voila something that I really enjoy doing.... I will love to have some critics on this!  

This was an order to decorate the entrance of an apartment. One of the walls was chocolate brown. The painting was to go on one of the other 3 walls and I had to find a way to call that color in the painting. Facing the entrance door, there was a s... 

Mirko - Album

October 8th, 2012

Trying to keep track of every single pieces I've sold, I decided to create an album... It was not easy!!! After working on it, I'm quite impatient to receive it and see what it looks like and what to change! It was crazy to pack up all the pictures...