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Mohd Raza-ul Karim

Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan








Mohd Raza-ul Karim

Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan

Mohd Raza-ul Karim - Fine Artist

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About Mohd Raza-ul Karim

The Aquarian Artist

Alias. Raja
Name. Mohammad Raza-ul Karim
Date of Birth. 2nd February
Zodiac Sign. Aquarius
Diploma. Commercial Art (Design)
Institute. Central Institute of Arts & Crafts
Marital Status. Married
Group Shows. 64
Solo Shows. 11. The title of my paintings exhibition was 'My Bad Work'
Participated. FAA National TV Photo Contest
Achieved. Many awards in Paintings and Photography
Paints. Oil on canvas by Etching
Hobbies. Painting, Photography. Poetry. Saying Quotation.Traveling, and Music.
Member. Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi
Cell. 00-92-345-2975179

Aquarius in a Nutshell. Honest.Humane.Popular.The Seeker of Truth.The Inventor.
Artwork Displayed. 3730 Artworks. 156 Pages Displayed on Fine Art America.Com
Exceptional. 1.Invention: 'Device to Save Lives' Appreciated by GE Global Research USA.
2.Invention:: 'Roller to Save Lives' Appreciated by the Mayor of Los Angeles, California USA.
3.Invention: 'Precise Date of Birth' Letter to BARACK OBAMA. Dec 26 2012

My Quotations. 01. One who realizes his FAULTS, is the best friend of his OWN.
02. STONE doesn't SWELL.
03. LIFE is a FILE of LIFE.
04. Nature's MERCY Nature's FURY, Nature has it's own JURY.
05. Good is HANDFUL Bad is POWERFUL.
06. A Good Goalkeeper is like a MAGNET and Football IRON METAL.
07. LIFE. L=Love. I=Incidents. F=Fate. E=Eternity.
08. ALL wishes are my LAST WISH.
09. I lead my life with all the ODDS. I tied my ties without KNOTS.
Up to 15 years is TREASURE. Up to 30 years is LEISURE.
Up to 45 years is ADVENTURE. After 60 years is PUNCTURE.
11. Scared of My Luck.
12. From the ROOTS up to the FRUITS.
13. Some people have GOOD SENSE and some NONSENSE.
14. When you start using CROSS BODY for the stairs means OLD AGE has struck.
15. A FAT man does not sit on chair but FALLS on it.
16. You have to be OUTSTANDING otherwise you have to STAND OUTSIDE.
17. Above and below the horizon, no one is mine.
18. RAP music has WRAPPED the melody inside.
19. Dating is MATING. Aging is DETERIORATING .
20. Sometimes the creator is against your existence.
21. I GRADE and RATE HUMANITY above all.
22. I LOST LOTS of Opportunities.
23. Everything BREAKS in this world even the GLACIERS, but HEART effects the most.
24. Some can have 'DIAMONDS for NEVER'.
25. HE+ART = HEART which is dedicated to his Beloved.
26. Now the date of birth should be ascertained by the FIRST beat of HEART in mother's WOMB.
27. Advised Natgeo.Program 'Manhunt' should be 'Huntman' because 'Man' is not 'Hunted' on the contrary
' Man' is 'Hunting'. .
28. When nature TEASES a man BEYOND his limits, he gets MAD, commits SUICIDE or is DEAD literally
29. Only TIME tells about the status of your DECISION.
30. There is always a PROOF behind my WORDS.
31. oh I GOD.... because I am too ALONE too....
32. Indians are the Ocean of Music, Indians are the Galaxy of Music, Indians are the God of Music
33. To be SELFISH is another thing but to become a SHARK FISH is another.
35. Born like BRASS. Tampered myself to become GOLD. Luck didn't change but IRON (Irony).
Wished to be PLATINUM.
36. LIFE is a PACKAGE, full of BENEFITS and DAMAGES.
37. Some are 'Hand to Mouth' but some 'Hands never reach Mouth'
38. Facts are to Believe. Miracles are to Make you Believe.
39. What a MISERABLE my Life has BEEN. From a FAR-DISTANCE it could not be SEEN.
40. SMILE is never MILES away..
41. A Buck is Very Thing but not Everything.
42. IMPERFECTION in life makes a man PERFECT.
43. No matter if you live in a CAVE, don't let your vision be in CONCAVE.
45. I never forget TWO kind of people
1.Those who have done GOOD to me 2.Those who have done BAD to me.
46. A STRAIGHT person cannot CO-OP with the CROOKED.
47. Nothing GOOD is so important in life as LUCK !
48. The Year composed of STARTING digits 0123. WELCOME 2013. START with Fresh Energy.
49. FEB is the month of LOVE so I am LOVELY. FEB is different from the REST so I am the BEST.

50. ISSUES cannot be solved by TISSUES.
51. Nature always Guarded me that nothing Good should happen to Me.
52. How can you PART because you are in my HEART
53. To somebody one should be DEAR and NEAR without FEAR.
54. I believe in SUPREME POWER for his of ALL kind of MECHANISM, ART and COLOR.
55. BELIEVE it or LEAVE it.
57. If ALONE, should be like a STONE.
58. LIFE should be so DISCIPLINED that you know where the MATCH BOX is in the DARK.
59. Mine is a MAROON Life.
60. I am tried BEYOND the limits.
61. Baby is not Born by the Friendship on Facebook.
62. INDIAN's....You have SCULPTED the SONGS and made them MASTERPIECES.
63. NATURE is NEVER with the VICTIM.
64. Any ART which is REFINED to FINE is FINE ART.
65. I like RED color because BLOOD has this color and LIFE flows with it.
66. BUSY or EASY.
67. fb = facebook. fb = friends book.
68. BEST of LUCK with LUST of LOVE and LOTS of LOVE.
69. If you are ALONE,TWO MADS can make FUN of you.
70. In LOVE you are LOST in LUST.
71. B....U....T....FULL (BEAUTIFUL).
72. The hero and heroine made a ' T ' as the Title of the movie ' Titanic '.
73. MOON becomes the SMALLEST when HONEYMOON is the BIGGEST for you.
74. When nature is MERCILESS, your life remains LESS.
75. To Admire NATURE 1. See its VASTNESS/MICROBES 2. See its MECHANISM
3. See its BEAUTY 4. See its COLOR.
76. A painting is just like, as you wear a dress. Your surrounding does the same.
77. Males have KNOT at the GENITAL while Females have NOT.
78. I DON'T care and I DAMN care.
79. Instead of ' IN GOD WE TRUST ' American Buck should have ' IN GOD WE BELIEVE ' because
this is more POWERFUL.
80. Loneliness is Godliness.
81. At every step of LIFE there is a SURPRISE sometimes with PRIZE.
82. RELATIONSHIPS.... SHIPS are always in Deep Oceans and can SINK anytime.
83. GOD has created DOG too.
84. As a Gender : Man have a KNOT. Woman have NOT.
85. JOY is like a TOY, breaks soon.
86. 'Skin deep Sensitive' is as Fifty percent Burnt Skin.
87. LIFE is a product of LUCK.
88. A POSITIVE thinker is overwhelmed by the NEGATIVE thinkers.
89. My life has a different MYTH with no WITH.
90. Things could go WORST only until you are ALIVE.
93. My DEATH is a BREATH away.
94. Everything is FAKE and FAKE is only the REALITY.
95. My last wish: To be BURIED with MICHELANGELO
96. GOOD NEWS: 1. Who enjoy life every day is added to their good days/time. 2. Who lead a
despair life every day lessens by their agonizing days/time.
97. In an ABSTRACT painting you can EXTRACT any meaning .
98. Amongst non-living things I Love my ARTWORKS and PHOTOS at the MOST.
99. Hard time fixes like a HARD ROCK good time flows away like WATER.
100. Sometimes PROBLEMS are like somebody has thrown a FISHING NET on you.
101. A man's life is like writing a SENTENCE reaches COMMA and then FULL STOPS.
102. Your Beliefs AVERT with the Experiences.
103. Human Mud Gold all relates to the same Family of Colors.

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