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Moustafa Al-Hatter

NewYork, NY - United States








Moustafa Al-Hatter

NewYork, NY - United States

Moustafa Al-Hatter - Fine Artist

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About Moustafa Al-Hatter

Artist Statement:
- My art is a tribute to god; it is an offering and a moment of contemplation.

- I have always been interested in signs of mysteries in our life, studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. I am passionate about metaphysics, new discoveries especially in space and science, also I am very envious of the ones who carry amazing gifts, especially masters of art and music.

- I have placed my work of art into compartments, while maintaining a sense of unity. The small painted panels project a microcosm, each of which emerges from a wide rectangular background, suggesting the macrocosm. Moreover, the small panels reveal a subtle intention to represent the finite world in which we live, and to project it as the result of the infinite creation. Painted compartments differ in shape, movement, and palette, sometimes suggesting the discontinuity of the cosmos. Nevertheless, I seek the impressions of the infinite world.

- I abandon the easel for a large table, on which I can place larger panels, and meet the need for more room and full control. I like to increase both the size of the surface to be painted, as well as the area in which I display the activity. I use color to give the spiritual and musical sensation that flows from my enigmatic interior. One of my concerns is to establish the unity color-movement in order to turn the painted space into a piece of art.

- During my art carrier, I passed through several stages:

1- Seventy’s are my early years as a painter, I used to paint by traditional ways and tools, those years were the years of uncertainty and worries, but so rich in accumulating knowledge, and understanding Self-identity. Throughout this stage, I was deeply influenced by the masters of American and European painters.

2- In the beginning of 90’s, the first real change in my artworks happened after studying the abstract works of Wassily Kandinsky, in addition to that I was in that time working in Venezuela(1993-1997), where I found myself immersed in the tropical lights which suggested an approximation and rediscovering of colors. That was the way to inspire my first abstract painting. The selection of an Abstract art of some lyricism and the use of a luminous intensity, revolutionize my artworks and free my thoughts from representative art materials, towards new horizons of abstractions.

3- In the beginning of the new millennium 2000, in Panama, I began new experiments with three-dimensional installations on wood panel and different materials, using acrylic colors, with the rhythmic, and geometrical patterns, finding an echo among the antique colors and forms, that characterize my art that time. I categorize this installation as “Abstract Sculpture Painting.”

-The first installation of this series consists of seven paintings interrelated and interwoven stories spanning different time periods, of different dimensions, colors, and shapes; these paintings interact with each other in harmony. I added seven painted wooden cubes in different sizes and shapes, lying on the ground under the paintings, with many lighted candles above them. The installation accompanied with relaxing music. I called the installation “Millennium Dimensions” as it was born at the beginning of the new millennium.

-The idea of creating this installation is to show my span of life, from the early years of uncertainty and worries to the years of fulfilling some of my hopes and dreams after passing through the complications and difficulties of life; in fact, this installations is - by a way or another- my real 'curriculum vita'

4- Arriving the digital age has changed many things in our world, art and design got their share of modernization and modifications as many other trends. I admit that I was fascinated by art software, and it was taking its toll on me. so in 2003, I bought my first art software, gradually leaving my traditional painting materials behind and replacing it with the amazing art software, I indulged myself in this new style of creating artworks in paperless environment.

- I do spend many hours every day in front of my computer studying, designing and painting, I did a huge numbers of experiments with the help of this software; trying hard to discover the amazing era of this software art world, I must say it has become my new passion. The art software allows me to bring many of my ideas to life in a reasonable time comparing with the traditional mediums; also it offers unlimited possibilities to create visual magic, especially when I tried to apply many of art techniques I learned in my career as an abstract artist.


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by arts and crafts. I remember that I loved being outside watching birds, trees, horses, butterflies, spiders, etc., and all those lovely creatures were in my first drawings. I was initially self-taught, studying in the various galleries and museums, where I admire the works of John Constable and Eugene Delacroix. At the age of seventeen, I took some painting lessons at the local art academy for one year before attending the university in 1968.
- In 1983, I joined the diplomatic service and started to live and work in several foreign countries, including Switzerland, the United States, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Venezuela, Panama, and Korea. In these countries, I picked up different art techniques, including sculpting, carving in wood and other materials, installations, silkscreen, etc.
- I also traveled to many parts of the world, enjoying swimming in the Amazon, exploring the Inca civilization in Peru and the Aztec pyramid in central Mexico, diving in Hawaii, traveling to the great savanna and climbing the “Avila” in Venezuela, dancing samba in the Rio de Janeiro carnival, hunting in Uganda and Kenya, crossing the Panama Canal, climbing the great Pyramid of Egypt; visiting king Tutankhamen’s tomb and the Abu simple temple in south of Egypt.
- My works of art has been in nine solo exhibitions, as well as 15 group exhibitions, and my art had been a subject of many reviews and newspapers articles as well as local and international televisions shows in Egypt, Venezuela, Panama, Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda.
- While being active as an artist, curator, art critic, and juror, I received several honors and awards as well as memberships in several art associations around the globe.



2005 - January 9 - 20, the main art hall of Al Ahram Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt.
2004 - July 5- 14, the main hall of Opera House in Cairo, Egypt.
2003 - June 18 - July 20, at ‘Biblioteca Nacional de Panama’ the National Library of Panama, Panama City, Panama.
2001 - March 26 - April 28, exhibition at “El Museo de Art Contemporaneo de Panama’’ the Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama City, Panama.
2000 - May 20 - June 7, at “Casa Museo del Banco Nacional de Panama'. Panama City, Panama.
1998 - November 16-30, at 'Sala de Exposiciones del Instituto Cervantes', The Spanish Cultural Centre in Cairo, Egypt.
1997 - May 22-July 27, at “Biblioteca Central’’ de la Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela.
1996 - April 11-26, at “Universidad Catolica Andres Bello’’, Facultad de Humandidades y Educacion, Centro Loyola, Caracas. Venezuela.


2005 - February 7-21, exhibition for diplomats in Shadicore Gallery Cairo, Egypt.
1997 - May 10, the Hall Pro-Venezuela, on the Day of the Plastic Artist in Caracas, Venezuela.
1996 – August 26, the Art Hall, to celebrate the XXVI Anniversary of the Autonomous Institute of Maquetia International Airport, “Victor Milan Gallery”, Venezuela.
1996 - July 6, exhibition organized by the College of Venezuelan Architects, the Venezuelan Association of Plastic Architects, and the Piquer Foundation with seat in Caracas, Venezuela.
1991 – August 5, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.
1985 – October 9, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at the Egyptian Culture Club (Nasser), Khartoum, Sudan.1978 - January, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at Holiday Inn Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia.1975 - August, a collective exhibition at El Ghory Cultural Palace, Cairo, Egypt


2011 - Al Hatter Dreams and Fears, published by AuthorHouse, USA, (under printing).

2005 - Light Inspirations: a catalogue for the exhibition at Al Ahram newspaper, from January 9th to 20th, Cairo, Egypt.

2004 - My Journey towards the Colors: a catalogue for the Exhibition at Opera House, from July 5th to 14th, Cairo, Egypt.

2003 - My Abstract Sculpture Paintings: a catalogue for the Exhibition at National Library of Panama, from June 18th to July 20th, Panama City, Panama.

2001 - Dimensiones Millenaries: a catalogue for the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary art, from March 26th to April 28th, Panama City, Panama.

2000 - La Danza Del Fuego: a catalogue for the exhibition at National Bank of Panama, from May 20 to June 7, Panama City Panama.

1998 - Camino Al Sol: a catalogue for the exhibition at The Spanish Culture Center, from November 16 to 30, Cairo, Egypt.

1997 - Camino Al Sol: a catalogue for the exhibition at The National Library of Venezuela, from May 22 to July 27, Caracas, Venezuela.

1996 - Fuera De Limites: a catalogue for the exhibition at The Catholic University Andres Bello, from 11 - 26, Caracas, Venezuela.

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