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Nadia Korths

Midway, GA - United States








Nadia Korths

Midway, GA - United States

Nadia Korths - Fine Artist

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January 22nd, 2014







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About Nadia Korths

Since 2011 every day I take and post in-the-moment mobile shots of coastal Georgia during the winter and of the New York side of Lake Champlain in the summer.
Since 2007 I have been creating improvised abstract e-scape styrofoam relief handprints on rice paper with non-toxic, soy-oil yellow, red and blue Akua intaglio printmaking inks using trash. In 2013 I started painting on cotton sheets and on manilla folders, with rollers and other tools of the printmaking trade.

The images are available on iphone and galaxy cases here, my artist website hosted by Fine Art America.

My profile portrait is an oil painting by Alnesha West done in March, 2014.

Commercial licensing of most images is available.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Blue Lupine Flower - 5 of 5 shots by Nadia Korths


Blue Lupine Flower - 4 of 5 shots by Nadia Korths


Blue Lupine Flower - 3 of 5 shots by Nadia Korths


Blue Lupine Flower - 2 of 5 shots by Nadia Korths


Blue Lupine Flower 1 of 5 shots by Nadia Korths


Inverted v of grass flowers with sky bokeh by Nadia Korths


The red of tabacco grasses in morning light by Nadia Korths


The fantasy world of the grasses on May 4 by Nadia Korths


Here's a hug by Nadia Korths


Beads of dew on grasses #1/05/04 by Nadia Korths


Cradled reflections by Nadia Korths


A plume crossed by Nadia Korths


A fall of metal by Nadia Korths


A pearl emerges by Nadia Korths


Dew on meadow flower by Nadia Korths


Morning light through fuzz of leaves by Nadia Korths


Grass drop world with web strand by Nadia Korths


Red grass seed bloom - second shot today by Nadia Korths


Drop on lichen rusted fence by Nadia Korths


Momentarily lassoed by Nadia Korths


New needles meeting with soft Spanish moss by Nadia Korths


Lichen intersecting three by Nadia Korths


Fungi as if blown by wind by Nadia Korths


View of photographer taking macro by Nadia Korths

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   |   Images = 156





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