Michele Hollister - for Nancy Asbell - Fine Artist

Michele Hollister - for Nancy Asbell

St. Augustine, FL - United States








Michele Hollister - for Nancy Asbell

St. Augustine, FL - United States

Michele Hollister - for Nancy Asbell - Fine Artist

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About Michele Hollister - for Nancy Asbell

Nancy Elizabeth Asbell (4/9/1962-4/30/2012) . The following was posted by Nancy when she joined Fine Art America. 'As an artist, I try to bring a sense of calm to the viewer. Perhaps my style is inspired realism, going a step further to connect on a spiritual level. Coming from an artistic family, I was encouraged to draw and create as soon as I could hold a crayon. I was raised in Gainesville, Florida. After college, I enjoyed a career in music and art. As a military-wife, life took us around the world, giving me a varied backdrop to paint and draw. I stayed busy with commissioned works and teaching art, piano, voice and guitar. I have also enjoyed performing singing with the guitar around town to include my own art showings and Starbucks.

From an early age I was inspired by the classics; Gainsborough, Monet, Winslow Homer, and Van Gogh. Growing up in Florida, I have fallen in love with our beautiful skies, marshes, and wildlife. One of my current series, “Florida Horizons” celebrates this desire to call attention to the Florida that I grew up with, the Florida that is slipping away, and the Florida that is around us everyday. Other current series are 'Florida Fairways,' 'The Heavens,' 'Nancy Elizabeth' and 'Pet Scans.'

Most of my paintings are originals. I like the viewer to appreciate the one of kind nature of my work in a world of prints and giclees. I paint in acrylics and watercolors because of the versatility of the medium. I like the immediacy of their purest form.

'Artists block' is not part of my vocabulary. There are never enough hours in the day to work on my next project. What a great profession to have.

I am represented by eleven galleries along both coasts of Florida and eighteen websites. A few of my past exhibitions include The Haskell Gallery at the Jacksonville International Airport, The Cummer Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). A few of my future showings include Scan Design, The Art Center, and The Thomas Center in Gainesville and the courthouse in Hollywood Florida. More information can be found on my website: www.asbellarts.com

I have had articles published about my life and my art in publications such as SouthernLiving.com, the Florida Times Union, Folio, Arbus, The Waters Edge, Naples News, Naples Magazine, The Florida Lupus Chapter Newsletter, etc. Many of these articles have focused on how my health has steered my career. After suffering a stroke and being diagnosed with Lupus in 1996, I had to learn to paint and create music again. I now live a full life from a wheel chair. One of my great desires is to use my art to draw attention to the disease of Lupus. It is often misunderstood and seldom given the funding or attention it warrants.

It is a joy to use my talents to benefit as many charities as I can and inspire other artists to succeed. As a lupus survivor, I am an advocate for lupus awareness and 10% of all my proceeds go to the Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Florida Chapter. If lupus is my lemons, then my artwork is my lemonade.'

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Inventory Reduction 1/2 Off Sale! All available original acrylic paintings on gallery wrapped canvas. http://www.asbellarts.com/ Click on "Recent paintings and prints" on front page. Temporary sale only.  


December 10th, 2010

asbellarts Nancy Asbell Friday's Grace Notes; Decorating for Christmas... okay I had to have help with the tree, finding new solutions to old problems, humble baked potatoes, a vacuum cleaner, meeting a friend for lunch and my sheltie Panda.  


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disABLED artist and musician

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disABLED artist and musician beats the odds! Stay tuned! 

artist Marketing Tips

October 7th, 2010

Marketing tip #16; Create your own art showings. Need a venue? Who needs your art? If you paint pets, connect with vets, groomers, pet rescues, and pet sitters. Offer to "donate" a percentage of your sales. 

Daily Grace Notes

October 7th, 2010

Today's grace notes; Really good nail polish, designing logos, composing music, encouraging fellow artists, fountain pens, and homemade brownies with creamcheese frosting. 

Artist marketing tip # 15

October 6th, 2010

Artist Marketing Tip #15: Don't wait for your galleries and venues to promote you, promote them. You will do you both a favor! 

Grace Notes October 4, 2010

October 4th, 2010

Grace Notes; Being part of a community, the color purple, "The Purpose Driven Life", a cool breeze on a Florida morning, and time alone 

Wednesday morning

September 29th, 2010

Working on my "Sea Oats" series today.... 

Sunday morning

September 26th, 2010

I love Sundays... a great day to give thanks for al of the goodness in the world. Yestaerday I did a pastel portrait of my daughter. although I am known for my "Florida Horizons" series I try to challenge myself daily to try new things. 


September 25th, 2010

Maybe it's the kid in me that loves Saturdays. A day that was meant to be "played" even if it is "work". 

New technique

September 24th, 2010

Latest: I'm trying out my new watercolor/pastel on sanded pastel paper technique again today. Another "Florida Horizon". Too much fun! 


September 23rd, 2010

Great day! I am looking forward to creating some great mixed media paintings and making a big delivery to Nadeau Furniture Store in Jacksonville Florida! 

Great Wednesday

September 22nd, 2010

Great beginning of the day! I get to do a few errands w/ hubby Glenn b/4 I get down to the business of art and music.