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Nancy Gorr

Morehead City, NC - United States








Nancy Gorr

Morehead City, NC - United States

Nancy Gorr - Fine Artist

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About Nancy Gorr

Nancy Eisenbeis Gorr grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School and later Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University;) where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Psychology. She also studied piano at Pittsburgh Music Institute.
In 1995, after a thirty-year marriage, Nancy moved to Morehead City, NC. Well known for her floral and still life oil paintings on canvas, wood and metal, she turned her love of fishing into artistic creations through the Japanese art of Gyotaku- “fish rubbing”. Other sea creatures such as shrimp, crabs, seahorses, squid, octopus and goldfish, as well as a variety of herbs, are done in the same manner. Handmade Japanese rice paper is carefully placed on top of the cleaned and painted object then gently rubbed to create a perfect impression. Other individual characteristics and additions are needed to finish the painting.
In 1995, Nancy was commissioned to create the North Carolina Seafood Festival Commemorative poster. Her design “The Chase”, featuring a school of Spanish mackerels and mullet minnows, was awarded first place honors at the state’s Association of Festivals and Events Conference. That same year the Carteret Council of Women named her “Distinguished Woman of the Year in Arts”. In October, Nancy’s two submitted rubbings were accepted into the Forest Lawn Museum’s Exhibit In Glendale, CA “ARTIST NATURE: Plant, Animal & Stone Printing”, a collection of 64 prints and rubbings from the United States, Japan, Chile and England.
In 2005, Nancy’s oil painting on wood titled, “Fresh Vegetables”, won an honorable mention in the Kennedy Production, “Best Artists and Artisans- NC 2005”. This juried book series beautifully showcases 100 pieces of art from across North Carolina and is listed online with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and and is available in various museums and galleries around the country.
Nancy shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for art by being involved with organizations, schools and programs, which promote the arts- especially for children. A member of the Carteret County Arts and Crafts Coalition, Carteret County Arts Council and the United States Nature Printing Society, an international group, her paintings have won numerous awards and are exhibited in galleries and shops in various states.
Nancy has two sons, Walter and Jon. Walter lives in Pittsburgh with his family and Jon in Florida with his family. She has three grandchildren. Her twin sister, Louise Maghie of Columbus, OH, shares her talent for art and is also a violinist. In a recent interview Nancy stated,” I am happy here in North Carolina. It is a peaceful and simple life living by this ocean that I love. Artists are more creative when they are content with their surroundings. God is creative and in His likeness, we too express creativeness- each in our own special way” To identify her North Carolina artwork, Nancy added a small sea gull to her signature above the “N” of her name. To identify her North Carolina artwork, Nancy added a small seagull ( ~ ) to her signature above the 'N' of her name.

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