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Nandita Albright

Murphy, Tx - United States








Nandita Albright

Murphy, Tx - United States

Nandita Albright - Fine Artist

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About Nandita Albright

I was born and raised in India, inside the sector of Bihar. Back then, I used to watch my mother and father paint. They did not get much time to paint, because my father was a doctor and he was very busy; my mother was too busy taking care of me and my 6 siblings. Watching them create beautiful hues and colors out of paints inspired me to be an artist some day. When I was a child, I made my first piece of artwork; a sketch of Abraham Lincoln. I was so proud that I carried it around wherever I went. Anyway, I found my loving and supporting husband later on, and was able to move to America with him. Ever since then, I have taken the opportunity to paint like my father and mother. I am just an artist, following her dream. I have been painting most of my life. Through art as a medium, I started with watercolors; now, I use oils, acrylics, and anything I can get my hands on :)

I offer beautiful oil and acrylic paintings on canvas; each painting is a full size gallery-quality piece. Every piece was hand painted by me, Nandita Albright. I really am the happiest when I have a paint brush in my hand, and the ever-loving blank canvas to wrap my ideas around. When I paint, I journey through my mind in my art; every piece has a meaning and a story. Whether it be the soft, smooth curves in my modern art, or the firm yet jagged appeal in my textured art.

So that's me in a nutshell, I hope you got a good feel for who I am!

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