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Natalie Golay

San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato - Mexico

Natalie Golay - Fine Artist

Natalie Golay

Member Since: 10/04/2012

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Natalie Golay (working as Salamandre).

Current work: Digital proposal printed on canvas and hand mounted on 2' thick internal wood frames (not intended for use with external frame, the image usually wraps around) and signed by the artist. There are some other unique pieces that include digital canvas with paint intervention, modelled clay (fired and glazed) elements, as well as new line of accessories (bags, aprons etc.) using digital-canvas works printed on vinyl fabric/tarpaulin (matte or glossy).

Salamandre , the youngest of three siblings, was born in northern California and grew up in the multilingual, multicultural environment provided by her French mother and American father, both of whom were Asian studies specialists. Her unconventional, nomadic lifestyle began at the age of two when she visited her grandparents in France for the the first time. She has been living in and out of suitcases ever since; moving around among the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong ,and France, not counting all the pit stops along the way. From her parents, she inherited an almost unlimited intellectual curiosity and very little patience for formal structures and normative rules.

Salamandre’s artistic interests cover pretty much...well...everything, from music, theatre, film, writing, photography, painting, drawing, and mixed–media, to digital audio, video, editing and multimedia. Her intellectual pursuits are equally varied and include cultural issues, physics, math, cosmology, gastronomy philosophy, languages, archaeology, history, technology... and the list goes on.

After obtaining her French Baccalauréat, Salamandre went on to complete a BA in Art History and the Visual Arts, studying theory and history, applied photography, painting, sculpture and video. Around this time she was also doing a lot of composing and one of her home recorded songs even got airplay on a couple of radio programs in the US and France.

Salamandre went on to work as an interpreter in the criminal courts before moving to New Mexico to study Archaeology. As Program Director and later Operations Manager of a small local community television station, she directed proprietary live multi-camera shows and trained independent producers on the use of field gear and in studio operations and video editing. At this time she also tried her hand at composing music for a number of video projects.

She later obtained a multimedia diploma and at the end of the 1990’s took a position with a German video editing software developer as marketing and PR Manager for the North American market. It was at this time that, curiously enough, she was able to capitalize on her creative writing skills to successfully transition to commercial writing and editing.

She obtained a law degree in 2005, passing the bar in 2006. Her interests in cultural rights, colonialism and archaeology then led her to First Nations law practice and post graduate studies in Cultural Property Law.

2009 turned out to be a year of change and decision-making: Salamandre reconnected with Mexico and decided that it was time to go back to her true passions: art and music. Having already left the practice of law, she gave up on academia and in 2010 she packed her computer, her guitar, her microphone, her bicycle and her two cats and moved to Mexico ( where she soon added her rescued dog Steve to the family mix) to start a new chapter in her life: this one focused on rediscovering her artistic path with the help of good friends and Grupo Trinitate.

Today she continues to pursue her artistic interests in San Miguel de Allende where she has had two solo shows with her new Digital-Canvas collection, now available from all five Trinitate Showrooms in Mexico.

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Natalie Golay - Ghost Horses

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Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Rooftops of Guanajuato
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Natalie Golay

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Natalie Golay - Videlica Square

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Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Destello 3

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Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Destello 2

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Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Destello Square 8

Destello Square 8

Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Destello Green Dark

Destello Green Dark

Natalie Golay

Natalie Golay - Orch Idea 2

Orch Idea 2

Natalie Golay

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   |   Image Count = 26