Nikos Smyrnios - Fine Artist

Nikos Smyrnios

Thermi, Thessaloniki - Greece








Nikos Smyrnios

Thermi, Thessaloniki - Greece

Nikos Smyrnios - Fine Artist

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About Nikos Smyrnios

Nikos Smyrnios was born in Greece but immigrated to Sweden in an early age. He studied on a state scholarship at Stockholm's College University of Art and Design (Konstfack), a school founded on the principles of Bauhaus and still considered the heart of Scandinavian Design. He graduated 1981, after completing a five year program in visual communication design.
While studying, Smyrnios became fascinated by the abstract geometric genres of art, but at the same time, the dramatic sociopolitical and cultural climate of the 70s affected him strongly and held him connected to the representational art movement of critical realism.
Since his first important exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm (1983), he tried to find an efficient way of combining elements from pop and op art. Finally he succeeded to develop some truly innovative techniques and he achieved a completely unique visual language which he uses today to create works of higher aesthetic standars, artistic value and genuine originality.
Smyrnios is keenly interested in international collaborations with serious art institutions and other artists.

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