Nicky Correa - Fine Artist

Nicky Correa

Mississauga, ON - Canada








Nicky Correa

Mississauga, ON - Canada

Nicky Correa - Fine Artist

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About Nicky Correa

Nicky Correa’s work focuses on the relationship with the self, juxtaposing with the views and impressions of society. Her creative process is mainly derived through photography and journaling, as well as, numerous interviews with different subjects, focusing mainly on their personal views of self-perception versus society’s perception of the self.

Born in Bombay, India on November 23rd, 1988, her choice of colour and line are influenced heavily by her Indian heritage, however this is contrasted in her subject matter and free spirited exploration of the body, mind an soul.

Her artwork is calculated, but quick, and her pieces engulf the unconscious and self-conscious through spontaneity. Although, being traditionally taught in acrylic and fabric paint, Nicky Correa’s artwork encompasses the exploration of various mediums and their relationships with one another.

Her exploration with mind, body, and soul has led to her love affair with art from the early age of three. She graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Nicky currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada, continuing to make art that is raw, bold and enveloped with personal experience.

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