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Nika One

Belvedere , CA - United States








Nika One

Belvedere , CA - United States

Nika One - Fine Artist

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About Nika One

Above all, Nika is an aesthetic voyager in service to Beauty and Transformation wherever she is around the World. She has surrendered her career as a neuroscientist and surgeon to follow her heart into art and her dream to journey the World. She has been on the road ever since - gravitating towards the mighty Himalayas and dwelling in the lands of yaks and pristine glaciers. Through her photo-art, you touch the crown of the World, the land of spirit and wind.

Transformation is Nika's passion - exploring through a variety of media the nature of one's consciousness and connection to the World and Self. The art that results is viscerally moving - most of the works are large, highly textured and primally colourful. It is life itself dancing on canvas - playing, mourning, transmuting and speaking to the very core of who we are as human beings. Her art is an on-going experiment in media, colour and texture - the media range from glass and various resins to molding pastes, mirrors, metal, plaster of Paris, acrylics and tempera.

'The Human Journey' collection guiding one through the 30 stages of awakening, portraying the ancient story of the Hero's Journey - the archetypal journey of initiation - for the modern times, has been displayed in several solo exhibits and published as a book of art and poetry. It is the message of the Great Avatars expressed visually.

'The Human Journey' book:

'The Human Journey' video:

Enjoy Nika's world journey through her travel photo-blog:

Nika's intention in her art is to inspire dreams and courage to go for them - not tomorrow that never comes, but NOW. It is to stir the primal light within each beholder and blow on it - let it grow brighter. Dear visitor, enjoy the visuals and let them take you to the places you may have longed for but haven't yet seen - inside and outside of yourself.

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